• NEW! New York Lottery Turns Basketball Courts Into Cash Courts
    Champions of Cash is a scratch-off ticket from the New York Lottery that allows New Yorkers to play sports games in 3D by scanning the ticket with the NY Lottery 3D app. Players can play either basketball, baseball, football, or soccer. To promote the 3D game, McCann NY made New York City basketball courts rain money whenever a shot was successfully made. Coins poured out from the basket, but slam dunks and three-point shots yielded dollar bills.
  • Hulu Tests Actors On Plot Of 'The Path.' Hilarity Ensues.
    I may have missed this campaign when it first launched earlier this year, but the idea and hilarity behind it holds up. I can't be the only person who has fibbed to a colleague about knowing a series' plot, just so the person will stop talking about it. To promote the new season of Hulu's "The Path," about a cult movement, faith and power, auditions were arranged with Aaron Paul, star of the show. When actors come to audition, they are asked if they've watched the Hulu series. Everyone says yes, but you can …
  • Humboldt Redwood 'Recycles' Old TV Spot, Adds New Copy
    Humboldt Redwood created a great social media campaign on the cheap by repurposing a TV campaign with a new voiceover. Economical, sustainable or both? Created by barrettSF, the 45-second video, described as "Sustainable Footage: Old commercials, now with new words," features a builder holding a talking redwood plank. The plank sits on the knee of the builder, reminiscent of a ventriloquist's dummy. The plank describes saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on commercial shoots while being eco-friendly at the same time.
  • NEW! Adobe Launches 'The Heist'
    Sandra Oh doesn't lie. Johnsonville goes retro. Let's launch!
  • NEW! California Understands 'Water Fatigue'
    For the past few years, Californians have been continually reminded to conserve water. Major League Soccer's LA Galaxy encouraged residents to "Protect the Pitch," and last year southern Californians were asked to "Love Water, Save Water" and in essence become "water lovers." Now, as water supply conditions improve, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is evolving its public education message to combat conservation fatigue. The campaign understands people are tired about hearing about water woes. The $1.3 million campaign updates the "H2Love" water conservation creative with a 1960s vintage vibe and a bright blue, …
  • NEW! Xfinity Brings 'Fast & Furious' Fans On High-Octane Car Chase
    Comcast's Xfinity brand brought customers who are also superfans of the "Fast & Furious" franchise for a high octane car chase straight from "The Fate of the Furious." I love how even in the midst of a high-speed car chase, the popcorn remained inside the cup. Two fans thought they were seeing an advanced drive-in screening of the movie, sitting in cars straight from the film. Those sitting in the driver's seat were in on the gag and started their respective cars as passengers were given helmets and told to hold on tight. Not …
  • NEW! Johnsonsville Employees Launch Latest Round Of Company Ads
    Am I the only one who thinks Johnsonsville must be a great company to work for? Employees pitch ad concepts and some are selected and made into actual ads. I do hope winning employees get a little extra something if their ideas are used -- cash, not extra product. The latest "Made the Johnsonville Way" ads promote Johnsonville’s flame-grilled chicken and classic smoked rope sausage. The first ad, "Ruben and the Receders," comes from Todd, an employee for almost 22 years. Johnsonville's flame-grilled chicken is given the '80s hairband treatment, with Ruben and members of …
  • NEW! The Movies Running On National Canadian Film Day Are Great -- Says Woman Who Never Lies
    To help promote National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) on April 19, Reel Canada, the non­profit that hosts NCFD, launched a campaign throughout Canada starring Sandra Oh and Abe Verma. More than 1,500 screenings will take place in schools and theaters across the country, and in consulates and embassies around the world. In "The Woman Who Can't Lie," Sandra Oh plays a woman who always tells the truth, no matter how harsh. She spits out food in public, tells a man he was terrible in bed, and urges office employees to find new jobs. She …
  • The Aliens Are Coming In Ad For Thinkbox
    Thinkbox, the marketing body for TV broadcasters in the U.K., launched an amusing ad that illustrates the power of TV advertising. The 60-second spot pays homage to science fiction films. Aliens have taken over broadcast airtime in the U.K., warning residents that they're on the way. The alien repeats the message "Oola Oola Zod," as residents panic and hope they're a friendly group. One alien chaser, asleep in his RV, hears the message and take off to welcome the alien to earth. The alien exits his spacecraft, which the UFO hunter runs over with …
  • Fiverr Launches 'In Doers We Trust'
    Fiverr, an online marketplace that offers services for as little as $5 per job, launched its first brand campaign, created by DCX Growth Accelerator. If "In Doers We Trust," doesn't light a can-do fire under your ass, I don't know what will. The 60-second ad makes heroes out of its entrepreneur members. Viewers watch them pitch their business plans to anyone who will listen, from family, friends and exes to non-shark business execs. They hustle, promote, schmooze and are available 24/7, even in the middle of sex. To paraphrase: shit gets done.
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