• Fiverr Launches 'In Doers We Trust'
    Fiverr, an online marketplace that offers services for as little as $5 per job, launched its first brand campaign, created by DCX Growth Accelerator. If "In Doers We Trust," doesn't light a can-do fire under your ass, I don't know what will. The 60-second ad makes heroes out of its entrepreneur members. Viewers watch them pitch their business plans to anyone who will listen, from family, friends and exes to non-shark business execs. They hustle, promote, schmooze and are available 24/7, even in the middle of sex. To paraphrase: shit gets done.
  • The Aliens Are Coming In Ad For Thinkbox
    Thinkbox, the marketing body for TV broadcasters in the U.K., launched an amusing ad that illustrates the power of TV advertising. The 60-second spot pays homage to science fiction films. Aliens have taken over broadcast airtime in the U.K., warning residents that they're on the way. The alien repeats the message "Oola Oola Zod," as residents panic and hope they're a friendly group. One alien chaser, asleep in his RV, hears the message and take off to welcome the alien to earth. The alien exits his spacecraft, which the UFO hunter runs over with ...
  • NEW! Nobleman Mistakes Afghan Hound For Woman In Southwest Airlines Ad
    Children break down walls in Mexico City. Soft tees don't make men softies. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Agency Copywriter Lands Starring Role In NSFW Female Condom Ad
    Amanda Burch, copywriter at New Honor Society, stood in for a comedienne in the pitch video for the FC2 Female Condom. Burch, who also wrote the script, was loved by execs from Veru Healthcare, the company behind the condom, and landed the starring role in a NSFW video. The 3-minute video aims to take the stigma out of female condoms by answering questions about the FC2 (Will it fit me?) and answers the question "Will it stay in?" by showing Burch hula-hoop, jump on a pogo stick, eat cereal, paint and do cartwheels -- all ...
  • NEW! Snickers Launches Canadian Version Of 'You're Not You When You're Hungry'
    Snickers is the official chocolate for the Toronto Raptors, so the brand's latest "You're Not You When You're Hungry" ad stars Raptors point-guard, Cory Joseph. Two friends watch a Raptors game when one becomes convinced that his pal looks exactly like Cory Joseph. The friend who looks nothing like Joseph gives his friend a Snickers, for he's clearly confused and hungry. Once the friend eats a Snickers, he admits that his buddy looks nothing like Joseph. BBDO Toronto created the campaign, directed by Ben/Dave of Partners Film.
  • NEW! Fictional Harlequin Hunks Take Women On Real-Life Dates
    I don't know anyone who reads Harlequin novels, but after watching a pair of the brand's hidden-camera videos, I'm about to be their next customer. The "Make a Date with Harlequin" campaign shows actors dressed up as fictional studs -- like a cowboy and Viking -- who take women on real-world dates so the reaction of people nearby can be captured. A cowboy takes a woman out to lunch in the first video. He's chivalrous, has brought his lasso and is not afraid of PDA. Seeing the customers dining nearby react to the over-the-top ...
  • NEW! Fruit Of The Loom To Men: You Can Wear A Soft Tee Without Being A Softie
    Fruit of the Loom wants guys to know that they can wear the brand's new EverSoft T without being labeled a softie. This shirt might be soft, but it's built tough. In the "Most Epic Story Ever Told," a man wearing an EverSoft T ditches holding an adorable puppy for more manly chores like riding a bear, pulling a truck, breaking through a brick wall, getting a neck tattoo and shaving with an axe. He's clearly proving that men can have both comfort and machismo at the same time. CP+B Boulder created the campaign.
  • Xerox Resurrects 'Brother Dominic'
    What's old is new again for Xerox as it reimagines an ad from 40 years ago. The new ad, by Young & Rubicam New York resurrects "Brother Dominic," who first appeared in a Super Bowl commercial, seen here. Technology was quite different back then, and Brother Dominic impressed his elder monks with the ability to copy manuscripts fast and easily. His ace in the hole is a Xerox copy machine that takes care of the heavy lifting. The latest Brother Dominic ad has the monk taking on a difficult task. Not only does ...
  • Kodak Launches Emotional Video, 'Understanding'
    Kodak launched "Understanding," a 2:45 video that chronicles the relationship between a father and his teenage son. Early in the video, dad learns that his son is gay. Things are awkward between the two, to say the least, until Dad goes snooping in his son's room one afternoon. He finds a picture of his son and his boyfriend and sees the happiness exuding from the pair. When the teen's birthday comes around, Dad frames the picture as a gift, which brings the pair closer together. The video, directed by Terry Rayment of Eskimo, was ...
  • Match.com Launches 'Missed Connections'
    Random iPhone App of the week:Match.com launched Missed Connections, a new location-based feature on its app that allows users to see other members they have crossed paths with in real life. Going to the gym or grocery shopping will never be the same. Missed Connections uses hyperlocation technology and algorithms to show places within one block where users have crossed paths with other Match members. If you click on a user in your vicinity, you can message them on the Match app and get the ball rolling.
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