• Walker & Dunlop Asks 'What Drives You'?
    Company is attempting to cut through the sameness of financial advertising by featuring its real clients in new ads.
  • Texas Finds Success Selling Texas To Texans
    The effort was designed to authentically represent real Texans living in their state.
  • '60s Sitcom Inspiration For New TD Ameritrade Campaign
    The "Where Smart Investors Get Smarter" creative recreates "Get Smart"'s iconic title sequence frame by frame.
  • Lincoln Financial Group Encourages Awkward Chats
    Hidden cameras captured real, unsuspecting families talking about finances.
  • U of A's 'Wonder' Campaign
    The University of Arizona is bypassing the typical higher education ad messaging to instead suggest the school satisfies the wonder in everyone.
  • Foot Locker's Latest 'Week Of Greatness' Campaign
    Campaign features top athletes and personalities battling zombies and aliens.
  • Google Pixel 4 Phone Lets You Build A Song With The Wave Of A Hand
    Google tasked ad agency Swift with generating ideas to show some of the innovative technology of its new Pixel 4 Phone.
  • It's Alive! (Your Kitchen That Is)
    The Food Network is raising awareness for a new streaming app with an upbeat, visually driven campaign.
  • Lion's Den Sells Innuendo In Holiday Campaign
    Lion's Den is promoting its sex toys by avoiding the products themselves to instead allude to couples finishing up romantic encounters.
  • Indeed Takes Absurd Approach To Highlight Its Job-Matching Skills
    "Extreme Solutions" creative uses a voice narrative to straightforwardly explain the platform while bizarre short scenes play out.
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