• NEW! HBO's 'Entourgage' Meets 'Star Wars' In New Send-Up From The 'Toasty' Minds At Quiznos
    Quiznos has released its latest Toasty.TV Original Parody called ‘Startourage’ a spoof of both HBO’s Entourage series and the Star Wars film franchise. In this latest piece of branded content from the fast food chain, the lusty lads from Entourage, led by actor Vince are making a Star Wars film. With half-naked girls with lightsabers, what can go wrong? Well, a lot, as you can see here. Ari the agent isn’t too thrilled with the work-in-progress. Windowseat Entertainment gets both agency and production credits.
  • NEW! Target And Chandelier Launch 'Life is a Party' Campaign
    Target's largest designer collaboration to date with Lilly Pulitzer launches April 19 and to celebrate the partnership, Target and its agency Chandelier are introducing a marketing campaign that depicts a party in honor of Lilly Pulitzer’s festive spirit and manifesto: “Life is a Party.” Creative agency Chandelier concepted and developed the integrated campaign, which consists of TV, three print ads, digital, social and a branded app. The app is the first Target has ever launched in support of a designer collaboration and lets customers experience the collection through the party and identify product straight …
  • NEW! Saucony's New 'Seeker' Campaign From Mechanica
    What do an astronomer, a chef and a former pro soccer player have in common? They’re the seekers and runners featured in Seeker, Saucony’s newest global brand campaign, developed by ad shop Mechanica. The new multimedia campaign posits that “you can’t find your strong if you’re not looking for it.” The campaign, Saucony’s largest marketing effort to date, is a continuation of the brand’s Find Your Strong initiative with a further call to action: Be a “seeker” and unlock−more than a faster time or a slower heart rate−the transformative power of running. The campaign features four short vignettes that …
  • NEW! TrueCar Launches Social Campaign Tied To 'True Love' TV Spot
    With the help of ad agency Tiny Rebellion, car buying service TrueCar has launched a social campaign to “thank” the furry friends that starred in its latest TV spot, True Love, featuring Owen Wilson as the voice of the brand. For every Instagram photo tagged #DogsInCars, TrueCar will donate $1—up to $50,000—to the Best Friends Animal Society’s  “Joy Rides” program, a transportation program for dogs that picks them up at a shelter and takes them to a loving home or no-kill sanctuary. The campaign will run until the end of April or the …
  • NEW! Petco Expands "Think Adoption First" Campaign
    Petco has launched new video series featuring celebrity “pet parents” and their personal pet adoption stories. As part of Petco’s Think Adoption First initiative and timed with the start of spring when pet adoptions increase in comparison to the winter months, the documentary-style series features celebrity pet parents reflecting on the impact their adopted pets have had on their lives and aims to encourage prospective pet parents to consider giving an adoptable pet a permanent home. Petco has partnered with the following celebrities to share their pet adoption stories:  •      Professional surfer, Taylor Knox: 
  • New! Pitch Launches Campaign To Attract Interns
    For ad shops, intern-hunting season has begun and Pitch, the creative agency based in Culver City, has created a social campaign to demonstrate how badly they need them.    The agency will post different iterations of the campaign on their website, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pitch’s Facebook timeline with intern pic updates, once they’re hired.  The campaign also includes a media buy on student newspapers such as UCLA, USC and VCU, and select ad trades.
  • NEW! Grok's 'How Many Times" Campaign For AZO
    New York-based independent shop Grok has created a new ad campaign for dietary supplement AZO Bladder Control. The campaign, entitled “How Many Times,” focuses on what many women feel is a very frustrating part of dealing with the frequent and urgent need to go to the bathroom and how it affects their life, both during the day as well as at night. The brand is positioned as a drug free alternative that helps optimize normal bladder activity and bladder strength with a natural blend of pumpkin seed extract and soy germ. The campaign will launch via national television on April 13, 2015.
  • NEW! Virgin Atlantic's 'Business Is An Adventure" Campaign
    Virgin Atlantic is launching its first campaign with creative U.S. AOR Figliulo&Partners today. The campaign, dubbed, “Business Is an Adventure,” positions business travel as an “epic adventure” and encourages international business travelers to see their trips through that lens. Using out-of-home and digital placements, the campaign is taking over several strategic transit hubs, including New York’s new Fulton Street subway station as well as placements at other well-known sites within major gateway cities.  The campaign aims to deliver a “customer-centric proposition with a compelling message for those who view their career as a stimulating journey,” according to the agency. Messaging features action-based phrases …
  • NEW! Battery Helps WBIE Gear Up For More Mortal Kombat
    Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has released a new 60-second TV spot for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X, set for launch April 14. The ad was developed by Los Angeles-based Battery. The ad campaign airs across the U.S., as well as some international territories. In the ad (which can be seen) word rapidly spreads on the street about a fight -- what begins as hushed whispers quickly escalate via texts, phone calls, breaking news reports. Soon, an entire city is swept up into a spontaneous, frenzied mass to witness the fight with …
  • NEW! Venezuela Bank Creates Unforgettable Account Number For Donations To Alzheimer's Foundation
    This simple black-and-white ad will break your heart. Alzheimer's is a disease that is growing worldwide, but donations to Alzheimer's non-profit organizations in Venezuela have declined. Banplus, a bank in Venezuela, came up with way for people never to forget how to donate to Alzheimer's organizations: create an unforgettable bank number.
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