• California Realtors Make A Short Story Long
    California Realtors has launched a "Long Story" ad campaign that takes typically short stories and drags them out.
  • Thanks To Virtual Reality, Man Sees Birth Of His Child 4,000 Km Away, In Real-Time
    Here's a great example of technology bringing families together when they are miles apart. An Australian couple were separated by 4,000 km -- Mom is in Perth while Dad is working in a remote part of Queensland -- just as mom is about to deliver the couple's third child. Enter Samsung Gear VR. The virtual reality technology allowed dad to don a pair or glasses and headphones and see everything in the delivery room, most importantly his son's birth in real-time. One week later, the family is reunited in an airport, where ...
  • PGA TOUR Revamps iPad App
    Random iPad app of the week: The PGA TOUR updated its iPad app with a bevy of features any golf lover will enjoy. The app uses real-time predictive statistics, both for players and the field. Stats, which are updated after each stroke, include driving accuracy and distance, distance to hole and the percentage of putts made from current distance. Fans also have a bird's-eye 18-hole view of tournament courses, allowing them to see in real time where the leaders and their favorite players are on the course. Other app features include current news and ...
  • Volkswagen Launches Video Series Dispelling Diesel Myths
    Volkswagen Golf TDI launched an adorable social media campaign dispelling myths about diesel. The clean diesel campaign stars the "Golden Sisters," a sassy group of older women with a sense of adventure. To debunk the notion that diesel cars are sluggish, the sisters are treated to a fast ride from a young stunt driver. The ladies ask the driver important questions, like whether he likes cougars and giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. See it here. Another video quells the rumor that diesel cars are loud. The only thing loud in a VW diesel is three arguing sisters. ...
  • NEW! Octopus Takes Underwater Pictures For Conservation Fund
    Dirty your ride with the dusty car wash. A life-saving bindi. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Give Your Car The Mad Max Treatment With The Dusty Car Wash
    Canada can keep this campaign. In a campaign for the movie "Mad Max: Fury Road," a section of downtown Toronto turned post-apocalyptic, with scrap metal, pyrotechnics and colored smoke grenades. The best part of the campaign was the dusty car wash, as in: people were encouraged to bring clean cars in and make them dirty. On purpose. Cars were sprayed with dust and artists would create images from the movie on each vehicle. Think skulls, gears, flames and the movie release date. The jury's still out on whether the words "wash me" were written on any ...
  • NEW! Talwar Bindi: A Life-Saving Dot That Dispenses Iodine To Wearer
    Simple, yet life-changing. Millions of women living in rural India suffer from diseases that are linked to an iodine deficiency. To ensure that women get their required dosage of iodine, Grey Group Singapore's philanthropic arm, Grey for Good, partnered with the NGO, Neelvasant Medical Foundation and Research Center, to produce iodine patches, or the Life-Saving Dot. The Life-Saving Dot  is worn as a bindi: forehead art that adorns almost all Indian women. Since mid-March, the Life-Saving Dot has been distributed to Badli village (near New Delhi), Niphad-rural (Maharastra), Peth-tribal (Maharastra) and Kopergaon/Sinner ...
  • NEW! Lowe's Resurrects Great Painters To Promote Great Paint
    Lowe's recently added HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams to store shelves, marking the first time Sherwin-Williams will be sold outside of its own stores in more than 40 years. To celebrate, Lowe's informed some of history's greatest dead painters that there's stiff competition in town. When Andy Warhol learns of a "legendary name in paint" available at Lowe's, he assumes it's himself. Told that it's Sherwin-Williams, Warhol says "I must paint him." See it here. Van Gogh, already missing an ear, believes a random pigeon is behind the voice telling him about ...
  • NEW! Realtor.com Launches Massive Brand Campaign Starring Elizabeth Banks
    Pereira & O'Dell New York has created a series of TV and long-form videos as part of the brand's largest consumer ad campaign to date. Banks is a woman obsessed with real estate whose mission is to educate home buyers on the ease of use and real-time updates on Realtor.com.
  • Infiniti Q50 Lets Drivers Take The Wheel
    The Infiniti Q50 wants to be driven, rather than take the wheel away from the driver. I guess I should feel good about that? A driver takes a back seat in the beginning of the ad, but soon finds his match in the Q50. He gets out of the back seat and takes the wheel, driving off on a traffic-free highway. Watch "Driver's Seat" here, created by CP+B and directed by Samuel Bayer of HSI.
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