• NEW! Rich Winemaker Promotes Competing Brand With Philanthropic Background
    ONEHOPE Wines launched a digital campaign created by Erich & Kallmanto promote its reasonably priced wine and philanthropic ways. In "Faircloth," viewers meet a young, rich, spoiled winemaker, who haplessly spends his money on foolish things, like hovercrafts, blimps, dinosaur eggs, and paying people to act as actual chess pieces on an oversized chess board. He then talks up ONEHOPE Wines, a brand the rest of us can afford to drink, along with the company's rule of giving to charity when a bottle is purchased. Young Faircloth encourages you to purchase ONEHOPE Wine, since ...
  • NEW! Solar Panels Power A Decorated House In Dark, Swedish Winter
    Sweden is cold and dark in the winter, but that didn't stop an adorable couple from seeing if solar panels and a storage battery could turn their farmhouse into a hip, holiday light display by night. Challenged with the concept of using solar panels at night during dark Swedish winters, Lars and Ingegärd of Sölvesborg turned their farmhouse into an electric dance party, with an impressive light show set to a remix of Avicii's "For a Better Day." The house and music could be seen and heard from miles away. Hope their neighbors were ...
  • NEW! Coming Soon To Malls: Bacteriads?
    Hope this isn't near the food court. Lifebuoy soap launched an out-of-home campaign in Uruguay to promote regular hand washing. The Electric Factory worked with scientists to take bacterial cultures from everyday objects, like money, cell phones and gaming controls. Next, the bacteria cultures were grown in a lab and then made into ads that were placed inside malls. Over time, the bacteria would grow and spread, and copy would explain that the bacteria growing in the ad was taken from the item enclosed with it. If that doesn't make you wash your hands, ...
  • Dwell Magazine Launches App
    Random iPhone App of the week: Dwell magazine launched an iPhone app that allows users to to like, share, comment and connect with fellow creatives, from architects, designers and fellow DIYers. At launch, the app will have more than 300,000 images to spark conversation, along with exclusive content. Editors of the magazine will curate their favorite images in a section dubbed "Photos We Love." Created in-house, the app is available for free in the App Store.
  • Ally Financial 'Does Things Right' For Consumers
    Ally Financial launched a trio of ads under its "Do It Right" umbrella, which focuses on the company's commitment to doing things right for customers. When Ally has a team huddle, everyone attends. No matter where employees may be, they hustle to get into the huddle. In "Bees," an Ally exec gives a beekeeper financial advice, despite having bee stings on every inch of his body. My favorite was "Wishing Well." While on a date, a man tries to be romantic by throwing a coin in a wishing well. His date, an ...
  • Land O'Lakes Video Shows How Brand Supports Dairy Farmers Globally
    Colle+McVoy created a unique video for Land O'Lakes that tells the story of how the company supports dairy farmers in the Unites States and globally. Users can hold down the space bar and toggle between two videos simultaneously. Viewers see what's it like to be a Land O'Lakes co-op member, told from the perspective of a U.S.-based farmer and a Rwandan farmer. Toggling between the two videos is pretty neat; users can see how successful both farmers have become and the lessons each will pass down to their children.
  • IMA Targets Millennials In B2B Campaign
    IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) launched a B2B campaign targeting Millennials. The campaign promotes the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification as a solution to confronting the skills gap in the finance and accounting professions. "You've Got To Earn It" shows a management accountant so proud of his CMA certification that he gets a large tattoo on his back to celebrate the accomplishment. His business-dressed co-workers wait patiently for their turn in the tattoo chair. Definitely targeting Millennials here. The Gate | New York created the campaign.
  • NEW! David Beckham's Tattoos Come To Life, Illustrate Violence Against Kids In Unicef Ad
    Santa won't get hacked this year. Puma debuts fragrance line. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Ad Showcasing High School Crush Hides Disturbing Secret
    Sandy Hook Promise created an absolute must-watch video called "Know the Signs," a 2:30 PSA that hopes to stop gun violence by educating kids and adults on warning signs that often appear before tragedy strikes. Created by BBDO New York, the spot introduces "Evan," a high school teen who's bored, easily distracted and awaiting summer break. He writes on a library desk one day and gets a response. Soon, he's conversing with someone and itching to know who it is. Could it be the cute girl in the cafeteria or the girl seated next ...
  • NEW! Upland Brewing Company Promotes Sour Ales With 'Blended Works Of Art'
    Upland Brewing Company and its creative AOR Young and Laramore are attempting to shift Sour Ales -- beers made with wild yeast, intensely tart and acidic -- from the niche to the mainstream with a makeover of its product line and new ad campaign.  "Blended Works Of Art" includes an updated logo, new packaging and advertising featuring illustrations by Minneapolis artist Michael Cina.  Print and out-of-home advertising will run primarily in bars, liquor stores and trade publications/websites in the two markets currently selling the beer, Indiana and Boston, with potential media buys in additional markets to come ...
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