• Women Majority Prefer Pets to Partners
    For those in the pet, pet accessories, and pet services businesses, here's a heads-up for your "behavioral targeting" strategies. According to a study of pet owners by BizRate Research for Shopzilla, pampered pets are becoming women's priority vs. their partners.
  • Radio Flat; Prepares for Future Expected Innovative Growth
    According to the current RAB report, grand total combined spot and non-spot Radio revenues for February 2005 remained flat compared to February of 2004 (28 days vs. 29 days), as the burgeoning industry positions itself for long-tem growth and expansion in the evolving media marketplace.
  • Young Adults Bump Seniors In Social Security Web Site Interest
    President Bush's campaign for social security reform has moved the debate to center stage. There is evidence that young adults are taking more of an interest than ever before. According to Hitwise, young adults are the fastest growing audience segment to the official government Web site for the Social Security Administration.
  • Country of Origin Impacts Hispanic Retail Store Selection
    A new study conducted by NOP World among Hispanic Americans shows that Wal-Mart was far and away their favorite retail store with 36% of the respondents. The Hispanic Omnitel Retail Study revealed that JCPenney, Sears and Target tied for second place at a distant 4%.
  • Local Newspaper Websites Dominate Metro Markets
    According to the The Media Audit, local newspapers have the leading websites in 74 of the 81 metropolitan markets regularly surveyed. TV station websites have the largest audience in five markets and websites operated by a combination of TV station and local newspaper lead in two markets.
  • Men Check Out Luxury Cars; Women Go For Practical
    According to Hitwise, women comprised 40 percent of visits to automotive Web sites for the four weeks ending March 19, 2005. Though Automotive Web sites often are thought of as a man's domain, women are the majority to several sites delivering information about automotive finance, registration and vehicle insurance.
  • FSI Coupon Value Exceeds $1 For First Time Ever
    According to the Marx Promotion Intelligence 2004 FSI Trend Report, the average face value of Free Standing Inserts (FSIs), distributed within newspapers, hit $1.03, in comparison to $.95 in 2003, representing an 8.1% increase or an extra $.08 per coupon. In 2004 the average face value of coupons reached beyond the $1.00 mark for the first time.
  • Shamrock E-Greetings Closing In on Hearts
    Nielsen//NetRatings reports that e-greeting card sites jumped 63 percent week-over-week from home, driven by well-wishers who sent online St. Patrick's day greetings during the week ending March 20.
  • Better Mileage, Good Financing Leads to More Car Sales
    According to the latest BIGresearch survey, consumers look at gas prices and 30-year conventional mortgage rates and conclude refinance and buy a new car.
  • Hong Kongers Web Surf More Than Italians and Americans
    Nielsen//NetRatings reported that the United States, along with Brazil, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and United Kingdom, have shown minimal to flat growth in Internet users' time spent online at-home. Global research from Nielsen//NetRatings tracks the Web usage behavior of 12 countries worldwide, which accounts for more than 70 percent of the world's Internet usage.
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