• Alternative Media Growth Outpaces Traditional Media
    According to exclusive research by PQ Media, spending on alternative media strategies surged 16.4% in the first half of 2006 to an estimated $53.37 billion compared with the same period of 2005. PQ Media estimates that spending on alternative media will accelerate in the second half of 2006, to a full year forecast of growth at 18.5% to $115.77 billion.
  • First Quarter of 2006 Continues Record Setting Broadband Additions
    A recent newsletter from the Leichtman Research Group, citing the LRG updated study, Broadband Across the U.S., shows that cable and DSL providers in the U.S., representing about 94% of the market, acquired a record 3.06 million net additional subscribers in the first quarter of 2006. The top broadband providers now account for nearly 46 million high-speed Internet subscribers, with cable having nearly 25.8 million broadband subscribers, and DSL having about 20.2 million.
  • Marketers Look To Agency For "Big Idea"
    A new survey, conducted in May/June 2006, recently released by the Association of National Advertisers, found that 67 percent of marketers develop integrated marketing programs across most or all of their brands, but only 33 percent say they are very happy with their efforts.
  • Mobile Music To Beat Online in Five Years
    According to a recent IDC study, U.S. wireless music services will have over 50 million users and generate more than a billion dollars in revenue in 2010, just 5 years after appearing in late 2005.
  • Radio Sales Down Thru April
    According to the RAB current revenue report, the grand total spot and non-spot dollars dropped 4% when compared to April 2005. Local ad dollars for the month also fell 4% from April of last year. National ad sales figures took the biggest hit slipping 7% April 2006 over April 2005. Non-spot dollars show potential growth opportunity rising 8% April 2006 over April 2005.
  • High Speed Internet in 60% of Online Households
    According to new consumer research from Leichtman Research Group (LRG), 69% of all US households now subscribe to an online service at home, and high-speed Internet services now account for about 60% of all online subscribers. Overall, cable remains the most common source for residential broadband driven by its strength among higher income households.
  • Puzzles and Women Drive Mobile Game Revenues
    With recent research supporting in-game advertising, category leaders play an important part of the marketing mix. According to Telephia, a mobile industry performance measurement company, The Mobile Game Report for Q1 2006 shows that four of the top five revenue-generating titles fall into the Puzzle/Strategy category, with Tetris, Tetris Deluxe and Bejeweled securing the top spots.
  • Business-to-Business Media Mix An Important Part of Integrated Selling
    According to a recent Harris Interactive study commissioned by American Business Media (ABM) to understand how media end-users use business media in their decision-making, trust in online media is growing among business-to-business end-users. The Harris research corroborates why marketers feel strongly about business media as outlined in the Forrester study, the "Digital Marketing Shift."
  • Families With Kids Most Likely New Car Buyers
    According to a recent study from the comScore Media Metrix "Audience insite Measures," Internet users age 35-44 are 18 percent more likely than the average online adult to make an automotive purchase this year. This segment of likely auto purchasers represents more than 6 million U.S. consumers. Additionally, 25-34 year-olds are 17 percent more likely than the norm to purchase an automobile, representing nearly 5 million consumers.
  • Peak Ad Response is Four Weeks Early for Movies
    Though not a recent study, the recently released analysis of 57 movie campaigns for in-theater releases by Dynamic Logic reveals that online movie ads perform among the highest industries in positively raising Aided Brand Awareness (+9.8) and Brand Favorability (+4.3) on average. ((
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