• Despite Electronics, Most Girls 2-14 Stick With Traditional Toys
    According to a new report from The NPD Group, girls age two to 14 are spending more time this year on entertainment-related activities than they did in 2007, with more than half saying they spend more time using CE devices, and playing PC games and video games.
  • Over-Content Ads Becoming More Acceptable
    Comments on a part of the Dynamic Logic AdReaction 5 Study, released recently, show that consumers continue to feel that the "appropriate" number of ads that appear over the content of the Web pages they are browsing is two per hour. This number is consistent with the results for the same question asked in previous surveys conducted in 2003 and 2005. A median was used, as opposed to mean, since the distribution curve is asymmetrical.
  • DVR Ownership Increases, But Recordings Not Priority Viewing
    New consumer research, from Leichtman Research Group, reports that 27% of TV households in the United States have at least one Digital Video Recorder (DVR), and 30% of those households have more than one DVR, and that 87% of DVR owners would recommend their DVR service to a friend. But recorded viewing is not necessarily the priority in DVR households, says the report, since 68% of DVR owners say that they usually watch recorded DVR programs when there is nothing on regularly scheduled TV that they want to watch. Only 6 percent of TV viewing is now time-shifted, either …
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