• 2010 Customer Brand Loyalty Index Winners
    In order to differentiate brands and show correlation to sales, Brand Keys, Inc reports a proprietary system that provides brand equity metrics said to accurately predict future in-market consumer behavior and correlate highly with sales and profitability, promises the report by Dr. Robert Passikoff, founder of the company. The Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index is an annual syndicated study that currently examines customers' relationships with 518 brands in 71 product categories. The annual Winners are those brands best able to engage consumers and create loyal customers, according to the analysis.
  • Diary to PPM Radio Market Measurement Creates Share Anomalies
    According to a recent study by Research Director Inc. and Inside Radio, Urban Adult Contemporary radio formats have the highest share of listening per market, with an average 7.8 share among persons 6+, based on PPM (Portable People Meter) ratings. Despite that fact, Urban stations have lost share with the PPM. According to an earlier study by Research Director Inc., Urban Adult Contemporary stations saw ratings decline 17.2%.
  • Digital Shift in Marketing Budgets
    According to a recent Econsultancy survey, conducted in association with ExactTarget of more than 1,000 marketers, the shift of marketing budgets from traditional channels to digital channels will continue to rise in 2010. 46% of companies plan to increase their marketing budgets in 2010, says the study, and 66% will increase their investments in digital marketing channels. A crosstab analysis on the changes in overall budgets compared to changes in digital budgets shows that 28% of marketers are shifting at least some of their overall marketing budgets from traditional to digital channels, says the report.
  • Confidence Lacking In Use of Online Personalization Tools
    According to a new Coremetrics study, "The Face of the New Marketer," while most marketers report a desire to use online data to personalize their marketing efforts and deliver tailored offers to their customers, their current technology use does not support this goal. 75% of marketers report that using various online tools for personalization is a priority, and 81% claim that it's very important for them to increase visitor value through compelling product and content offerings. Yet only 51% report they currently use online personalization tools. This suggests that the information and data gathered through online marketing efforts is not …
  • African-Americans Major Influence in Tech, Media and Buying Power
    According to a comprehensive BET survey of the African-American community recently released, African Americans in 2008 accounted for a 10% increase in population from 2008 versus 2000, while African-American buying power increased more than 55% during the same period to $913 billion. By the year 2013 black buying power will reach $1.2 trillion dollars, a 35% increase versus 2008.
  • Top Information Technology Predictions
    Gartner continues to investigate the changing balance of power from across its research areas, and selects Internet Technologies as the focus of this year's crystal ball gazing.
  • M-Commerce Shoppers Specific About Recommendations
    According to the recently released ChoiceStream 2009 Personalization Survey, 65% of m-commerce shoppers indicate that they would buy more products from their mobile devices if it were easier to find products on them from trusted retailers. Alternatively, consumers are not as interested in shopping when engaged with social networks. The survey also finds the placement, or location, of product recommendations within an e-commerce site to be a key determinant of whether or not consumers make a purchase, with product detail pages emerging as the clear winner in terms of sales conversion.
  • News Right Now Drives Newspaper Readers to Web
    The Outsell third annual News Users' research predicts continued steep drops in US newspapers' print circulation as consumers continue to gravitate toward the Internet for news. The firm forecasts 3.5% annual declines in both daily and Sunday circulation, leading to a low of 43 million Sunday newspaper readers by 2012, compared to more than 62 million in the early 1990s. The research underscores the dramatic effect that aggregators such as Google and Yahoo have had on both print and online readership. For "news right now," 57% of news users now go to digital sources, up from 33% a few …
  • Loyalty Programs Need to Engage
    A new report from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council report indicates that marketers are under-valuing perks, discounts, deals and additional service opportunities, as customers give them high marks. Both customers and marketers agree that deeper engagement and personalized contact drives loyalty. 61% of marketers believe that loyalty program participants are the best and most profitable customers. And, an almost equal number of respondents (65%) view customer loyalty program investments as a very essential, or a quite valuable part of the marketing mix.
  • Bargain Hunters Start With Newspaper and Magazine Ads
    According to a recent Adweek Media/ Harris Poll, 23% of adult Americans believe that newspaper and magazine advertisements are where they can find the best bargains. 18% believe online advertisements are most likely to help them find the best bargains. 10% say direct mail and 12% catalogs, 11% television commercials, and just 2% say radio. And, 34% of Americans believe the type of ad makes no difference when they are looking for the best bargain.
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