• Food Retailers Selectively Trimming
    The CPG industry has been abuzz over assortment downsizing, says a recent report summarizing the March 2010 "Nielsen Retailer Assortment Survey." Yet, despite all the talk of major SKU reductions, the average food channel store decreased variety by just 1% in 2009. The majority of grocery retailers plan to either maintain current levels or continue slimming SKU count in 2010. According to the study, 40% of food retailers surveyed claimed to have decreased assortment roughly 5% on average. One-third of retailers claimed to have maintained the assortment status quo, while 22% claimed to increase assortment options an average of …
  • Retirement Planning Falling Short In Actual Savings
    In a new survey to better understand the retirement needs of Americans, Ipsos found that 60% of adults aged 25 and older were trying to meet basic financial needs and savings goals, while only one in five were actively building savings and investments. The report concludes from this, that corporate economic recovery has yet to trickle down to Main Street. The ongoing emphasis on safety and security seems particularly evident considering that, despite exceptionally low yields, the financial product used by consumers more than any other was traditional savings (71%), with life insurance, the next closest, used by 50%.
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