• Timeshifting TV Viewers Shifting Up Fast
    According to a new study from The Nielsen Company, with almost 100M US viewers watching timeshifted TV, these viewers grew at a much faster year-over-year rate than the number of traditional in-home TV viewers.
  • Waddaya Know ?
    According to the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, in a new study, the public knows basic facts about politics and economics, but struggles with specifics. Few are aware of inflation rate, TARP, the deficit, or who's in charge. The quiz is composed of 13 multiple-choice questions about current events.
  • Mass And Discount Retailers Top Tech Shopping
    According to Scarborough Research, examining households planning holiday purchases of HDTVs, Smartphones and MP3 players, Best Buy and Walmart are neck-and-neck for household technology shopper penetration.
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