• Link Mobile Ads to In-store Purchase With Mobile Coupons
    While mobile advertising can be an effective way for companies to reach consumers, being able to actually link a mobile ad to an in-store purchase is important.
  • Who's Calling?
    According to Nielsen Mobile Insights, 31% of U.S. wireless subscribers describe their voice calling usage as "low," but that percentage is actually up 3% from 28% at the end of 2014. Still, the probability that a subscriber simply doesn't call much is not moving too quickly.
  • Information Quality Is Key To Online Sales
    According to the latest Shotfarm Product Information Report, quality and completeness of product presentation in online retail has a quantifiable and direct impact on product sales.
  • Multilingual Marketing Translation Personalizes Better, Reaches Further
    polling more than 150 marketers at INBOUND 2015 who do not speak English as their native language both in and outside of the U.S., the majority of respondents are not targeting multilingual audiences with translated content and authentic, localized experiences.
  • 83% of Customers Not Getting Response to Social Media Inquiries
    According to the most recent Sprout Social Index, most retailers are turning their backs on a highly captive audience, as people today are failing to receive a prompt response from retail brands on social media 83% of the time.
  • Robots vs. Human Traffic: Good or Bad?
    48% of digital ad sellers were not sure how much of a negative effect bots (a "software robot" or virtual agent) had on digital ad campaigns.
  • Wearables Have To Be Cool
    A new survey by Juniper Research has found that smartphone users in the US and UK, regardless of their mobile preference, consider Apple the 'coolest brand' for wearable technology.
  • Journalism And Media Relations
    According to the 2015 Business Wire Media Survey, an analysis of journalists from around the globe show that upstarts like BuzzFeed and the New York Times represent the future of news reporting
  • More Users Online, But Get It Right And Load It Fast
    According to the Limelight Networks' second annual The State of the User Experience, people are spending more time online, but how much more time? In 2014, 23% of respondents spent more than 15 hours per week online outside of work. That number increased dramatically in 2015 with 45% indicating they spend more than 15 hours per week online outside of work .
  • Latin America Fastest Growing Mobile Ad Market
    According to Opera Mediaworks' global mobile ad platform, reaching over 1.1 billion consumers each month, and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Latin America takes the lead as the fastest-growing mobile ad market globally, capturing nearly 8% of the global market.
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