• Artificial Intelligence Relevant For Marketing And Advertising
    C-suite executives, marketers, and advertising teams, presents ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in marketing.t's crucial that marketers do not dismiss AI as only for the movies, but rather embracing AI technologies to research markets, deliver ads and make creative assets.
  • Make Long Term, Loyal Customers
    According to the annual cart abandonment (SCA) study by Listrak, of the top 1000 retailers, 58.1% send at least one welcome email following the acquisition of an email address. Although best practices dictate that a series of emails performs better.
  • The Dilemma: Content That Delivers Without ROI Measurement
    According to a new RAPTmedia study, The Future of Content, Measuring Content Performance, creating one-size-fits-all content and distributing it across paid, owned and earned channels is no longer a viable strategy for driving meaningful customer connections.
  • VOD An Every Day Affair For Many
    According to Nielsen, Video-On-Demand is becoming a part of daily viewing habits for many around the world, regardless of age. In fact, among the 65% of global respondents who watch any type of VOD programming, including long and short form content, 43% say they watch at least once a day.
  • Millennials Don't Wear Suits
    Millennials are already at the B2B table. More than one in three American workers are now Millennials and these digital natives don't respond to marketing the same way as their Gen X and Boomer predecessors.
  • GenZ Watching TV From Before School To Falling Asleep At Night
    DEFYMedia's previous Acumen Report Constant Content reported how digital media attracts more youth for more hours than TV, and digital celebrities have greater appeal and relevance for youth than traditional TV and movie stars. This year. This year, the study found that video is not just entertainment.
  • No Longer Flying Blind In The Cloud
    According to a technology survey just released by Evolve IP, 91% of all organizations now have at least one service in the cloud, and eight in 10 IT professionals and executives believe that when facing hardware malfunctions and environmental disasters, their organization's data is safer in the cloud than on premises.
  • Sports Fan Behavior Impacts Media, Advertising And Spending
    According to findings from The Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg and ThePostGame behavioral study of American sports fans, 86% of Americans consider themselves sports fans (92% of men and 80% of women,) and 24% say they are "intense" sports fans.
  • Millennials Not A Monolithic Group; Lifestyle Changes Things
    The difference between an 18-year-old and a 34-year-old is often like night and day. From where they live to what they wear to how much discretionary income they take home, a vast array of differences exist within what is often portrayed as a monolithic group of consumers.
  • More Internet Usage From The Laggards
    According to the just released data from 2015, senior citizens increased their Internet usage from 51 to 56% between 2013-2015, while children saw an even larger spike, jumping from 56 to 66% during the same time period.
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