• Unique And Powerful GenZ
    MNI Targeted Media Inc. has issued a paper, "Generation Z: Unique and Powerful" which will help marketers gain insights on the habits, interests and activities of Gen Z.
  • Robust eCommerce Captures Procurement Officers
    According to a recent Avionos survey of 160 U.S. B2B procurement officers, 83% of these buyers will spend more to purchase products from suppliers that offer robust eCommerce experiences.
  • Gen Z Self Defined As Agents Of Change
    More than 76% of Gen Z has purchased, or is open to purchasing, a brand or product to support the issues that brand stands for.
  • AI Shopping Assistants Next?
    A future world where mobile-based AI technology permeates the most-loved and most-hated aspects of shopping is outlined in the new report, "Beyond Smartphone Shopping - the Rise of Smart Assistants,"
  • Email Delivering Qualified Leads
    According to Liveclicker/The RelevanceGroup study of 350 US marketers, of whom 93% reported using print direct marketing, rating the effectiveness of various channels in terms of delivering revenue and results for their business, mail is tangible, targeted, scalable and trustworthy.
  • How Much Would... If A Smart Speaker Could?
    According to a new report from comScore, in a study of Smart Speaker devices, one in every 5 Wi-Fi households in the US owned at least a single Smart Speaker as of February.
  • Quality of Life Tops In Chicago And Philadelphia
    Unlike traditional banks or other fintech apps, says the report, all that customers need is an iPhone to bank seamlessly.
  • What's In It For Me?
    Money used as an incentive yields positive results up to a point. However, when money is not the optimal reward to get extra effort from people, when considering financial efficiency, ROI, or total results, there are superior alternatives to cash for incentives.
  • I Want It Now, And I Want It Mine
    Consumers want every interaction from brands and retailers to be quick, personalized and informative.
  • Mobile To Outrank Social This Year
    92% of adults surveyed have some type of opinion of Facebook. While those opinions lean favorable, there's a lot of ambivalence about the platform.
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