• Under Represented Women In Sales
    Despite the urgency to find strong candidates to fill open positions, women are underrepresented in all levels of sales, holding just one in four mid-level sales manager roles, and only one in five sales leadership positions.
  • AI Must Be Self Governed
    Experts say companies using AI with personal data must focus on GDPR and HIPAA, but long term, companies can expect governments and people affected to increasingly push for audits and explanations of AI decisions.
  • 800,000 New Broadband Subscribers
    The largest cable and telephone providers in the U.S., representing about 95% of the market, acquired about 800,000 net additional broadband Internet subscribers in 1Q 2018.
  • Just FYI
    Because of antiquated, analog-based systems still used in product ordering, shipping, and inventory management, says the report, retailers lose more than $400 billion each year because of overstocking or under stocking.
  • What's It Worth?
    Young people of America (are) using their collective power as a driver of social change.
  • Streaming Services Trounce Pay TV
    "...customers of streaming-video companies like Netflix and Hulu are far happier with their service overall than subscribers of traditional cable, satellite and other pay TV operators..."
  • It's Not Your Neighbor Calling
    "The Neighbor Scam is a tactic phone fraudsters use to mimic (also known as spoofing) the first six digits of a user's phone number, the area code and the following three digits, to trick consumers into picking up the phone thinking it's a neighbor or nearby business calling,"
  • A Legitimate Fast Shuffle
    According to MultiChannel Merchant, speaking to "Shopping Experience" reported by Daniela Forte, "as a consumer navigates her way through the purchase journey to the checkout area of a website, retailers are close to closing the deal, so it's imperative that they provide a seamless experience at this crucial point in the buying process
  • The 2018 Online Consumer Behavior Study
    Technology has dramatically changed the online experience for consumers, and, along with this, digital platforms continue reshaping the way consumers interact and engage with each other, as well as with online brands.
  • Exclusive Offers Make The Sale
    Consumers, by a 2:1 margin, want brands to require consent before using personal data for targeted marketing.
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