• NEW! Take5 Candy Partners With Uber To Offer Unique Rides
    Let's get ready for football. There's a strapping new Colonel Sanders. Let's launch!
  • NEW! KFC, WWE, Introduce SummerSlam Viewers To New Colonel Sanders
    The latest incarnation of KFC's Colonel Sanders is the sassiest and sexiest to date. Shall we call him Colonel Ziggler? KFC teamed up with WWE and created an ad/live action segment that ran during Sunday night's SummerSlam. Jim Gaffigan, George Hamilton and Darryl Hammond previously played the Colonel. When the WWE gets involved, the Colonel is played by wrestler Dolph Ziggler. The video begins with ad for a second-rate, fast-food chicken franchise with an annoying chicken mascot, playyed by WWE wrestler, The Miz. As the chicken convinces a family of four to eat Puppers …
  • NEW! 'Speak' With Donald Trump Via BFF Trump Bot
    SS+K teamed up with messaging bot platform Dexter to create the BFF Trump, a Facebook Messenger bot that dispenses all of the hurtful, negative and racist comments the presidential candidate has said. The bot was created in an effort to reach Millennial voters. Since the demographic gets the majority of their news from Facebook, yet the network's algorithms can skew what news Millennials see, BFF Trump was born. BFF Trump works on either Facebook's desktop or mobile messenger platform, and guides users through a series of conversations about Trump's views on women, immigration and Mexicans, …
  • NEW! Nike Launches 'Unlimited Together' Supporting USA Basketball
    Nike created "Unlimited Together," a 2:30 black-and-white video supporting the USA men's and women's basketball teams. The video is part of Nike's "Unlimited Campaign," which pays tribute to all athletes who push their limits regularly. An original track from Chicago-born artist Chance the Rapper called "We the People" is featured prominently throughout the film. Larger-than-life-images of the two teams are projected onto the sides of buildings as Chance the Rapper speaks of fandom, American dreams and supporting the home teams, regardless of the final outcome. Look for DeMarcus Cousins, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Carmelo …
  • NEW! It's 'Home Sweet Home' For NFL Players
    Summer is almost over -- and not only do the kids go back to school, NFL players report to training camp. The brand launched a 2:30 video where fans, coaches, players, broadcasters and groundskeepers lip sync the Motley Crue tune, "Home Sweet Home." Look for Antonio Brown, Michael Strahan, Rich Eisen, Charles Woodson, Eric Decker, Von Miller, Howie Long and Jerry Jones, to name a few. The video ends with the line "Families always come home, sweet home," followed by the NFL's tagline: "Football is Family." Grey New York created the campaign.
  • ElaN Languages Takes On Google Translate. Hilarity Ensues.
    Talk about lost in translation. ElaN Languages is an online translation tool that challenged the behemoth that is Google Translate to convert wedding vows to English, with interesting results. International couples wrote wedding vows in their native language and ran them through ElaN Languages and Google Translate. You want everything to be perfect on your wedding day, so how did Google Translate interpret romantic, loving vows? Think lines like: "You're my biggest size," "I promise not to use a map at night" and "I promise to grow old with you and keep your children …
  • CNN Politics Launches Mobile App
    Random iPhone App of the week: In case you don't watch enough politics, there's an app to provide further data and commentary. CNN Politics app tracks polling, voting and fundraising data and offers personalized alerts and notifications when news breaks, which seems like every 15 minutes. The CNN Politics app was built using CA API Management and CA Mobile App Analytics products. The management software transfers and aggregates data points from numerous sources, including CNN polling data, Federal Election Commission data and the CNN/Pivit Political Prediction Market, to help users draw conclusions based on how …
  • Pepsi Launches Recycling Ad
    PepsiCo launched its first sustainability ad, focused on recycling. The 30-second ad asks viewers whether they would complete only 50% of a task. Most wouldn't, so the ad playfully illustrates people doing half of a task: shaving half of a dog's fur, running half of a race and mowing half a lawn. The U.S. recycling rate is less than 50%, so Pepsi encourages folks to go all in and recycle bottles and cans. PepsiCo Recycling has partnered with local retailers, K-12 schools and college campuses to provide recycling bins where people need them.
  • Playing Marco Polo With Marco Polo
    Geico launched "It's Not Surprising," a new savings campaign that features actual customers and how much they saved after switching insurance companies. The ad starts with a group of kids playing Marco Polo in a pool. Also inside the pool is a confused, resurrected, Marco Polo, wondering what the fuss is all about. Having Marco Polo in the pool is surprising, says the ad. It isn't surprising to save money using Geico. The Martin Agency created the campaign.
  • NEW! Lucky Charms Campaign Full Of Luck, Creepy, Human Leprechaun
    Playing Marco Polo with Marco Polo. Trump on Mt. Rushmore? Let's launch!
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