• Ranking the US Markets Digitally
    According to recent information from Scarborough Research, in terms of home internet access, the local US market with the highest level of internet penetration is Seattle/Tacoma, WA with 60% accessing the internet from home within a past 30-days period. Other western markets, like San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose and San Diego follow Seattle with 58% accessing the net at home.
  • Broadband Users Only a Maybe for Marketers
    BroadJump, Inc., a broadband software provider, released the results of a residential broadband subscriber survey conducted by Mindwave Research that identified subscribers' propensity to purchase services over broadband. The study uncovered key attributes about broadband subscribers including their predisposition to make significant purchases online.
  • Consumers Still Want Digital Services Despite Economy Since 9/11
    "In these tight economic times, consumers are looking for greater television choices, Internet services and interactive features that enhance their home entertainment and information experience" said Howard Horowitz, president of Horowitz Associates, Inc.
  • Internet Radio Down for the Week, Up for the Year
    The Warp Radio group of on-line AM and FM stations streamed a total of 634,294 hours, making it the number one streaming radio network measured by MeasureCast. Radio Free Virgin was the third-ranked network, and the leading Internet-only/digital music network. It was one of four Top 10 networks that streamed more hours during the week of Feb. 18 than they did the week prior.
  • U.S. Telecommuters
    70% of 32 million U.S. Telecommuters Have Access to the Internet.
  • Online Shoppers Aging
    Online Shoppers Aging According to a new study by Jupiter Media Metrix the majority of online shoppers in the United States in the next five years are more likely to be older than 35 and from households with an annual income of $30,000 to $75,000, compared with the young, affluent shoppers who make up the current online buying population, "The next generation of online shoppers will be quite a bit different than the consumers who defined the Internet channel in its early years," Ken Cassar, Jupiter senior analyst, said in a statement March 4. "They will be more representative …
  • Nielsen//NetRatings Commerce and News Data
    This weeks measurement data for the week ending February 24 is on Multi-Category Commerce Sites, News & Information Sites, Advertisers and Banners.
  • What's Life Without the Internet?
    Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, in a new report says that "The Internet has gone from novelty to utility for many Americans. They are beginning to take it for granted, but they can't imagine life without it." The report "Getting Serious Online," finds that as Americans gain experience online, they use the Internet more for their jobs, to make more online purchases and carry out other financial transactions, and to write emails with more significant and intimate content.
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