• Put Research Data to the Test
    Geoffrey Ramsey, CEO and co-founder of eMarketer, in a recent release writes, "chances are, whether you're involved in media, marketing, sales, research or all four disciplines, you probably rely on market research data to help you make strategic decisions. Or just as likely, you rely on this data to prove your case to someone else -- whether that be a client, prospect, your boss or your boss's boss. No matter what your use of research information, the integrity of the data itself is of vital importance."
  • Rubbing Your Belly and Patting Your Head Simultaneously
    A study by BIGresearch provides insight into strategic media buying based on significant findings of simultaneous media users. The report concludes that the growth of simultaneous media usage should have direct impact on the allocation of advertiser media dollars, since (a) one message becomes background or (b) both messages pass one through the other.
  • Internet Presence Lures New Advertisers to Local TV
    According to a study by media research firm Borrell Associates, reported by Daisy Whitney in tvweek.com, online advertising has become a catalyst for TV stations to generate new broadcast dollars. "TV stations as a whole generated about $72 million in online advertising revenue in 2002, about 4 percent of the total $1.65 billion pie spent in local Internet advertising, said Gordon Borrell, president of Borrell Associates. "About one-quarter of the 157 stations surveyed were using their Internet sites specifically to lure new-to-TV advertisers, such as real estate and employment recruiting."
  • Builder Study Says Boomer Retirees to Relocate, but AARP Says Not So Fast
    A new survey finds that baby boomers are more inclined to relocate when they retire than they were just a few years ago, contradicting a belief that most would prefer to stay put, writes Steve Kerch for CBS.MarketWatch.com. The study by Del Webb, the adult-community homebuilder, of more than 1,300 boomers aged 44 to 56 found that 59 percent plan to relocate for retirement. In a 1999 Del Webb survey only 31 percent of those age 48 to 52 said they planned to move for retirement.
  • 4.3 Percent Rise in U.S. Advertising Spending Projected for 2003
    According to the mid-year forecast by TNS Media Intelligence/CMR, advertising spending is expected to rise 4.3 percent to $124.7 billion this year. "The first quarter for this year came in very strong at 4.9% with spending totaling $28.4 billion - this robust spending is likely a precursor for the rest of the year," said Steven Fredericks, president and CEO of TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.
  • Donotcall Gets Called and Mid-June News, Info and Occasion Traffic
    A special report from Nielsen//Net ratings on the overnight crunch on the new government Donotcall site, and an update on mid-June traffic on news, information and special occasion sites. Donotcall.gov recorded one of the fastest increases ever for a Web site, jumping nearly 26,000 percent to more than 3.4 million unique visitors at work on June 27, according Nielsen//NetRatings. Launched on Friday, June 27, the site allows consumers to register their telephone numbers in a national database to help limit telemarketing solicitations.
  • Some Adolescent Behaviors a Cause For Concern
    According to new research by the Institute for Adolescent Risk Communication of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, over half of 14-18 year old boys (54 percent) report that they have gambled for money. Only 16 percent of adolescent females report having ever gambled.
  • Travel Spending on the Web
    As the largest category of consumer spending on the Web, online travel is clearly an Internet success story. Consumers spent $9.1 billion on travel in the first quarter of 2003, representing growth of 31 percent versus Q1 2002. This growth rate significantly outpaced non-travel spending, which increased 17 percent versus Q1 2002 to $11.8 billion.
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