• Food and Cooking Sites and Demographics On the Web
    Deep drilling into food yields 25's to 45's doing the cooking, $25k to $75k the HH income levels, and banners and leadeer boards carrying the ads.
  • Americans Get Info From the Government on the Web, But Handle Issues on the Phone
    New research by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates, shows that 97 million adult Americans, or 77% of Internet users, took advantage of e-gov in 2003. This represented a growth of 50% from 2002. At the same time, however, citizens said they are more likely to deal with government by telephone or in-person visits. 22% of Americans who contact government use more than one means to do it, with the telephone most likely to the first option chosen.
  • Handheld Designers Not Taking Advantage of Platform
    David Linsalata, analyst in IDC's Mobile Devices program, said "Despite increasingly powerful handheld devices reaching market, the consumer uptake of entry-level devices available from nearly every vendor calls into question the upgrade path and value posed by the high-end devices. If entry-level devices prove to be the most successful products adopted by consumers, the long-term impact could be acceleration away from hardware differentiation and a further loss of value in the handheld industry."
  • Research Points to Natural Demand for Mobile Video
    A recent, end-user survey performed by In-Stat/MDR found that 13.2% of US wireless subscribers are extremely or very interested in purchasing mobile video services for their wireless phones. "While still a relatively small niche of the market, this figure is significant in that it represents the "natural demand" for mobile video services, prior to any large-scale carrier deployments or market messaging," says Clint Wheelock, Director of In-Stat/MDR's Wireless Research Group. By 2009, mobile video services are expected to generate $5.4 billion in annual revenues.
  • More Payment Choices, More Sales
    In a recent study reported by eMarketer, CyberSource finds that North American e-commerce Web sites offering four or more payment methods get, on average, sales conversion rates of 72%. More options, more sales.
  • Personals Sites
    Digging deep for online personals sites and user data from Nielsen//NetRatings
  • Though Search Engines Are Growing, More Users Are Going Direct
    A new report from Hitwise, covering the period from August 2003 through April 2004, looking specifically at Search Engines and Directories, shows that the top three search engines, Google, Yahoo! Search and MSN Search, account for 5.5% of all U.S. Internet visits.
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