• B2B Media and Trade Shows Most Important to Executives
    A recently published study by Harris Interactive, a report on the importance of Business Media among executives in companies with $5 million or more in annual sales, found that B2B media are held in high regard among executives with a strong majority who consider B2B magazines and websites to be more informative and reliable than general media sources.
  • Cell Phone Better Research Monitor
    From their recent syndicated study of 450 target items, The Media Audit reports on a unique finding that shows the cell phone to be a more reliable device with which to conduct Panel Surveys on radio listening than a "pager-like" device commonly used. The MediaAudit/Ipsos research found that adults are 3.5 times more likely to agree to participate in a panel study using a cell phone (66%) versus 18% who would agree to carry a pager.
  • Rail Riders and Power Pedestrians Are Plugged In and Primed
    Scarborough Research reports on an often overlooked consumer group that has unique targeting value for marketers. A recent study and analysis of Mass Transit Users and Power Pedestrians, people who do a significant amount of walking in towns and cities, says that they account for about 22 percent of consumers in the 75 local markets measured by Scarborough.
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