• Four Out of Five Newspaper Website Readers Also Read the Printed Edition
    A new study recently released by the Newspaper National Network LP, conducted by Scarborough Research, found that 81% of newspaper website users also read the printed newspaper in the last 7 days. Crossover users (those who used both print and online newspapers in the past 7 days) have deep affinity with both their printed newspaper and their newspaper website, and 83% say "I love both my printed newspaper and visiting my newspapers website."
  • Teens Select Media Laden Destinations for Dating
    Online Testing eXchange recently released results of its teen study today revealing that 58% of teens sacrifice watching TV for going on dates. Internet surfing, playing video games, and listening to music take losses as well. But when teens go on those dates, they sacrifice free social options like cruising or school events for the marketing-laden options of movie theaters (87%), malls (64%) and restaurants (58%).
  • More Lookers Than Doers For User Generated Content
    A recent article by eMarketer found that, even taking into account the power and ease of use of user-generated content tools like digital cameras and affordable audio/video production software, there are more content consumers than creators. The report shows that In the US, the number of users of user-generated content will hit 101 million by 2011, up from the 2006 estimate of 69 million, while the "generators" lag at 91 million.
  • Retiring Boomers Important in Hand-off to Younger Employees
    A recent survey of 28,000 employers in 25 countries, by Manpower, revealed that only 21 percent have implemented retention strategies to keep their senior employees participating in the workforce. Sharon Birkman-Fink, President and CEO of Birkman International, says "Retaining older workers is incredibly important for companies who wish to retain the skills and embedded knowledge base of their senior employees... Older workers have different needs than younger workers, and.. their preferences... interests and... work-styles must be assessed."
  • Phone Surveys Skewed by Cell-Only Homeowners
    According to government statistics released last month, reports a recent PEWresearch study, 12.8% of U.S. households cannot now be reached by the typical telephone survey because they have only a cell phone and no landline telephone. Twenty years ago the survey research profession worried mostly about the roughly 7% of U.S. households that could not be interviewed because they had no telephone.
  • Consumers Spend More on Electronics if Studied First on Web
    According to new research from Yahoo! and ChannelForce, consumers who search online for televisions and digital cameras spend ten percent more when making their purchase in-store than those who did not use a search engine. The survey also found that a vast majority research products online prior to making in-store purchases, and that online research is helping consumers make key purchasing decisions before they enter a store.
  • One Megapixel Camera Phones Are Now "Table Stakes"
    According to a market study by Strategy Analytics, one third of the world population will own a camera phone by 2011. The number of camera phones in use this year will exceed one billion, with new sales boosted by early adopters replacing one-Megapixel handsets and first-time buyers alike.
  • Attractive Demographics at Second Tier Video Sites
    comScore recently released a study from its comScore Video Metrix service of U.S. video streaming activity of up-and-coming video-sharing sites. The study examined six video-sharing sites that did not make the top 10 U.S. video properties for the month, but reveals that French site Dailymotion.com had a particularly strong position in the U.S. video-sharing market in April 2007.
  • Global Entertainment and Media Spending Accelerated by Convergent Platforms
    According to PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, the global Entertainment & Media industry is experiencing sustained growth and will increase at a 6.4% compound annual growth rate to $2 trillion by 2011. Digital and mobile spending in each territory during the next five years rising to $153 billion by 2011, says the report. And, spending related to the distribution of entertainment and media on convergent platforms (convergence of the home computer, wireless handset and television) exceed 50% of global spending by 2011.
  • IT Execs Extend Trust to Social Media in Making Purchase Decisions
    A new study by ITtoolbox confirms that today's Information Technology decision-makers and influencers not only turn to traditional vendor Web sites and editorial media Web sites for research, but also join peer-driven communities and participate in user-generated content to help in the decision process. And, the advertisers as well are seeking out these user-generated content sites to more strategically target the customer.
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