• More Than Half of Online Financial News Readers Are Over 45
    A drill down into Online financial news and information sites in the 2nd week in October to highlight top sites visited, viewer demographics, advertisers, and ad types and sizes.
  • Measurement Seen As Hurdle to Ad Spend On Emerging Media
    According to a survey by Gundersen Partners among 377 marketing and general Management leaders on new and emerging media, about 45% of the respondents allocate less than 10% of their budget to new media. They indicate that this spending mix will shift significantly to only 20% allocating less than 10% of their media budgets to this area. The expectations are that 52% of the respondents plan to spend 10 to 30% and 28% plan to spend over 30% on new/emerging media. The study defined traditional media as television, print, radio, direct mail and outdoor versus new and emerging media, which ...
  • Social Networkers Are Also Heavy Technology Users
    Ipsos Insight's newest report, PROFILE: Social Networker, identifies key differences in behavior and digital media consumption between those who visit social networks and those who don't. And, the report says that there are also notable differences between the US Social Networker and the International Social Networker. Over half of all US Social Networkers have watched TV shows or video streams online. In addition, US Social Networkers are significantly more likely to download TV programs, burn/copy a movie or TV show, and download a feature length film.
  • Gifts Cards A Phenom in The Hispanic Market
    According to Comdata Stored Value Solutions fifth annual gift card survey of US consumers, Hispanics received gift cards with the highest average value, $71, compared to $41 for Caucasians and $60 for African-Americans. In addition, 26% of Hispanics surveyed report giving gift cards to children as a budgeting tool or in lieu of an allowance.
  • Consumers Prefer To Buy From Companies That Reflect Their Values
    According to the inaugural BBMG Conscious Consumer Report, nearly nine in ten Americans say the words "conscious consumer" describe them well and are more likely to buy (if products are of equal quality and price) from companies that manufacture energy efficient products, promote health and safety benefits, support fair labor and trade practices and commit to environmentally-friendly practices.
  • Radio On The Web Making Gains
    According to The Media Audit, their study conducted between fall 2006 through spring 2007 in 88 local U.S. markets, measuring adults who visited a local radio web site in the past 30 days, finds that Entercom Radio in Buffalo, New York ranks as the second highest radio web site group behind Cincinnati Clear Channel with an 8.5% reach with adults 18+,
  • Seniors Want to "Age In Place," And Want Technology To Help
    According to a new research study by Clarity and The EAR Foundation, 26% of senior citizens rated loss of independence and 13% rated moving out of home into a nursing home as their greatest fears. These two possibilities are a much higher concern than death, which was the greatest fear for only three percent of Seniors. And, the children of Seniors also fear for their parents, with particular concern about their emotional and physical well-being should they have to enter a nursing home.
  • Journalists Consistent in Their Online Use and Preferences
    According to the Arketi Group 2007 Web Watch Survey, 84 percent of journalists say they would or already have used blogs as a primary or secondary source for articles. 100% of those (journalists) surveyed say they rely on the Internet to help get their job done. One-quarter of journalists say blogs make their job easier, while 18 percent say instant messaging makes their job easier.
  • Mobile Users Want Internet, Maps, And Local Search
    According to a new mobile consumer study conducted by The Kelsey Group with ConStat, 44.7 percent of U.S. mobile phone users surveyed say a mobile phone with better Internet capability will be a key factor in their next mobile phone purchase decision. According to the survey, only 26 percent of mobile phone service subscribers currently opt for an Internet access plan.
  • Cash Flow Improves, Confidence Falls For Small Business Owners
    According to the Discover Small Business Watch, reports the DMA, economic confidence among small business owners continued to fall in October as many expressed increased pessimism about both the future of their own businesses and the US economy in general.
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