• Video At Work... On The Desk!
    Nielsen Online says with a 96 percent broadband penetration among at-work Web visitors in October, and many employees spending nearly eight hours a day at their computers, workdays are prime time for online video viewing. The recently released report says that 65 percent of online video viewers stream content between 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday, compared to 51 percent of online video viewers who log on between 6am - 8pm on weekends.
  • Kids Motivated By TV and Print To Visit Web
    According to MRI's 2008 American Kids Study, children ages 6-11 are increasingly using the Internet to check out products they see in advertisements. 46.3% of kids visited a Web site that they saw or heard about in a commercial or advertisement. The older the child the more likely he or she is to take such action after viewing an ad. Of the almost 10.7 million young consumers who report visiting a company's Web site after viewing its ad, about 1/4 are 6-7 years old, 1/3 are 8-9 years old and 2/5 are 10-11 years old.
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