• The New News Landscape Is Omnipresent
    A new survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project aimed at understanding the new news landscape, reports that 56% of American adults say they follow the news "all or most of the time," and 25% follow the news at least "some of the time." 99% of American adults say that on a typical day, they get news from at least one of these media platforms: a local or national print newspaper, a local or national television news broadcast, radio or the internet, and the internet is now the third most popular news platform, behind local television news and …
  • Targeting, Video and Social Networking Keys For Small Business Promotion in 2010
    According to according to The "2010 Email Marketing Trends Study" by GetResponse. 53.8% of respondents, said they intend to focus on Email personalization and targeting in 2010. 52.4% of respondents plan to improve message titles and subject lines in 2010. Other responses included increasing customer loyalty with special offers and gifts, identifying the best time to send emails, and using split testing. Only 10% of respondents plan to take no specific Email action.According to according to The "2010 Email Marketing Trends Study" by GetResponse. 53.8% of respondents, said they intend to focus on Email personalization and targeting in 2010. 52.4% …
  • Social Networking Sites Attracting Mobile Browsers
    According to the latest comScore report, 30.8% of smartphone users accessed social networking sites via their mobile browser in January 2010, up 8.3 points from 22.5% one year ago. Access to Facebook via mobile browser grew 112% in the past year, while Twitter experienced a 347% jump.
  • Your Life Could Be An Open Book
    According to a report that summarizes Online Reputation Research, commissioned by Microsoft, fewer than 15% of consumers surveyed in the U.S. and the U.K. believe that information found online would have an impact on their getting a job. Those consumers surveyed significantly underestimate the level of data mining that recruiters and HR professionals conduct and the impact it can have on hiring. In the United States and U.K., recruiters and HR professionals surveyed are likely to research candidate behavior online and report markedly high rates of candidate rejections based on their findings.
  • Public Hotspots Increase for On-The-Go Users
    This Insights report provides a snapshot of usage trends and audience data over public Wi-Fi for the fourth quarter of 2009, for the total number of locations at the end of the reporting period according to the JiWire hotspot registry of over 289,000 public Wi-Fi locations in 140 countries. JiWire projects a 15% increase in free Wi?Fi locations in the U.S. this year, which will bring free Wi-Fi to 52% of the total number of public Wi-Fi locations.
  • Consumers Comfortable Shopping Online With Credit Cards
    According to Online Retail Payments Forecast 2010 - 2014 by Javelin Strategy and Research, the online channel is continuing to grow in its importance to consumers. Today, 63% of consumers indicate that they are comfortable or very comfortable with shopping online, but 22% report they never make purchases online or haven't made one in the past 12 months. The study indicates that 70% of US consumers used a major credit card to make an online purchase during 2009. The only other two options used by more than 50% of respondents were major debit cards, and an online payment service …
  • Who Watched the Olympic Athletes?
    According to The Nielsen Company, the TV audience for the Winter Olympics is predominantly female, unlike the male-favored Super Bowl. Through February 21, an estimated 56% of Olympic viewers are female, while 44% are male. Super Bowl viewership earlier this month was almost the exact opposite, with its audience composed of 54% males and 46% females.
  • Meet the Boomers
    As a follow up on a recent Research Brief about Millenials, here's an appropriate analysis of the Boomers, an earlief generation, according to Dr. Bob Deutsch of marketing firm Brain Sells. The Baby Boom generation is classified as people born between 1946 and 1964, meaning the oldest Baby Boomers turn 65 in 2011. Boomers are still vital and evolving even as they approach retirement age, concludes the report. In the US alone, more than 3.5 million babies were born in 1946. Our conception of Seniors, what Boomers soon will be, is highly stereotyped, says the report. Baby Boomers can …
  • Parents Teaching Kids Money Values
    According to a recent survey by American Express, 71% of parents with children between the ages six and 16 say their children understand that we are in a recession. This number suggests that talks about the current economic environment are happening at kitchen tables across the country. The survey also reveals that 91% of parents say they are committed to instilling lessons of financial responsibility upon their children in 2010.
  • Search Engines: The Shopper's Aid
    According to The Compete Online Shopper Intelligence study, over 80 million consumers use shopping comparison sites every month. Sites like Cnet, Bizrate, and Yahoo! Shopping each attract over 20 million shoppers. Only 6% of consumers surveyed as part of the study indicated that they conducted no research prior to their last online purchase.
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