• Meet The Millennials
    The Pew Research Center's most ambitious examination to date of America's newest generation, the 50 million Millennials, is prefaced with the admission that most readers don't need a team of researchers to tell them that the typical 20 year-old, 45 year-old, and 70 year-old are likely to be different from one another. People already know that. At the same time, the authors recognize the difficulty in completely disentangling the multiple reasons that generations differ. At any given moment in time, age group differences can be the result of three overlapping processes, says the report.
  • Social Media Adoption Yields New Customers For Small Businesses
    The third wave of the Small Business Success Index, by Network Solutions and the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, reports social media adoption by small businesses has doubled from 12% to 24% in the last year. Small businesses are increasingly investing in applications including blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Digital Coupon Redemption Value Beats Newspapers
    According to statistics from Coupons.com, savings offered through the Company's outlets grew 170% in value during 2009 to more than $858 million. By comparison, growth measures for newspaper coupon value last year ranged from 8% (per TNS Media Intelligence) to 16% (estimate from retail consultant Inmar.) As a result, says the report, redemption values on its digital offering outstripped the increase in newspaper-based coupons by more than 10 to 1.
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