• User Generated Content Preferred Over TV By Millennials
    According to Crowdtap, partnered with Ipsos Media surveying 839 millennial men and women online, millennials reported spending roughly 18 hours of their day engaged with media, often viewing multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Android OS Takes Lead in Tablets
    According to Gartner, worldwide sales of tablets to end users reached 195.4 million units in 2013, a 68% increase on 2012. While sales of iOS tablets grew in the fourth quarter of 2013, the share declined to 36%.
  • Digital Signage World's Second Fastest Growing Ad Medium
    New market research from PQ Media suggests digital out-of-home media may be on the verge of a long-awaited industry breakout.
  • From Mobile to the Movies
    According to the IAB's Mobile Center and InMobi, teamed with Decision Fuel, 56% of moviegoers say they use their mobile phones to learn more about movie and entertainment options, roughly equal to the 57% that learn about entertainment from TV.
  • Traditional TV Viewing Still Way Ahead of Internet and Mobile
    The video landscape is in a time of major flux, with digital viewing on the rise, advertisers seeking integrated campaigns and yet TV networks still holding most of the cards. But with the emergence of new technologies, and new measurement capabilities, video advertising is poised for change.
  • The Flow of Data Every Minute
    Professionals deal with mountains of business data from all angles of the organization as data grows with every minute of every day, reports DOMO. Big data is not some abstract concept used to inspire and mystify.
  • Chief Marketing Officers On a High
    According to the February 2014 edition of The CMO Survey of marketing leaders, CMO optimism for the U.S. economy reached its highest point in five years. CMOs reported an average optimistic score of 66.1 (out of 100), nearly 20 points higher than a low score of 47.7 in February 2009.
  • Email To Go
    According to a new study from Yesmail Interactive, the proportion of consumers interacting with email on smartphones or tablets alone hit 50% in the fourth quarter of 2013. The Yesmail, analysis of 6.4 billion emails sent in Q4 across different industries, showed that the percentage of consumers interacting with email exclusively on mobile devices generated mobile sales at triple the rate of desktop sales (52% vs. 18%)
  • Literally, A Picture IS Worth More Than a Thousand Words
    Traditional wisdom gave marketers three seconds to capture the consumer's eye in the shopping aisle... or maybe 13 seconds... but how 'bout 13 Milliseconds?! A recent MIT study showed that when using a visual in a presentation, it actually takes 13 milliseconds for your customer's brain to identify and find meaning in it.
  • Viva La Difference
    According to the Shullman Research Center Pulse, luxury, affluence, and wealth are defined by consumers and marketers, and this Brief provides selected insights regarding similarities and differences between American millionaire men and women (18+ in age). Millionaires are defined as those who report a personal net worth (total assets minus total debts) of $1 million or more, comprising about 9% of all adults.
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