• Social Media Ad Spend Shown To Influence Product and Service Research
    According to a new Mintel report, total advertising spend on social media in the US will surpass $11 billion by 2017. And, nearly 40% of US social networkers said social media has some influence on them when conducting research for products and services.
  • Social Media Creating More TV Fans
    According a new study by Nielsen, the rise of social TV has changed the television viewing relationship between viewer and show, and Americans are quickly warming up to this new behavior. With tablets, smartphones and laptops at their side, TV viewers can follow their favorite shows, share content and connect with fellow fans before, during and after a program.
  • ... But Without Performance, You Have Nothing
    According to a new study from Limelight Networks, Inc., the annual State of the User Experience Report that explores key trends in how users engage with digital experiences, performance is the most important expectation for digital experience and can directly affect revenue
  • Digital Out-Of-Home On A Roll
    According to the PQ Media recently released annual performance benchmark, global DOOH revenues are pacing for 11.3% growth in 2014 to $9.87 billion, with double-digit growth projected through 2018. DOOH revenues will post a 12.4% CAGR in the 2014-18 period, reaching $15.92 billion.
  • Be My BFB... Best Friend Brand
    There is a growing trend for consumers having Best Friend Brands, the companies from which they will repeatedly open email correspondence and buy products. The study looks at current expectations from consumers for the way they are being marketed to, as well as the ways they would prefer to receive correspondence from brands
  • Press 10 For More Languages
    According to a recent trend analysis by the Internet expert Mary Meeker, underscoring the increasingly global nature of the Internet, one aspect requiring closer consideration is the number of languages spoken by their rapidly broadening customer base.
  • Loyal As Long As It Saves Bucks
    New services are expanding the reach of loyalty programs to small and medium businesses that have previously lacked the resources and capabilities to implement cohesive rewards programs. To learn more about consumer preferences towards digital loyalty programs, TA surveyed loyalty program users across the US, finding that saving money is the primary reason for participation.
  • First You Say "You Do," And Then "You Don't"
    One of the key findings from the most recent McKinsey survey on the strategic worth of sustainability is that, year after year, executives cite reputation as a top reason their companies address sustainability of the 13 core activities analyzed. However, many of this year's respondents say their companies are not pursuing the reputation-building activities that would maximize that financial value.
  • Gen-X'ers Viewed As A Marketing Opportunity
    According to a recent study from the Shullman Pulse, marketers and their agencies should review strategies focusing on a largely overlooked group, the Gen-X'ers, and even more important for those targeting the affluent market. Upscale Gen-X'ers have different interests, goals, and concerns compared with the other generations.
  • Unconnected Connections
    According to the first Internet of Things Survey from SOASTA, 73% of Americans admit to being unfamiliar with the Internet of Things (IoT), technologies that connect "smart" devices and everyday electronic objects between themselves and the Internet to share information and drive new applications.
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