• Mobile Coupon Redemption Influencing Online Buying
    According to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of RetailMeNot, the shift to buying online continues at a rapid pace, and mobile coupon redemption through a variety a devices is influencing this trend.
  • London Print Is Falling Down
    The roll-call of more than 25 web offset printers in the UK that have closed since the year 2000 includes some of the industry's once-venerable names, and some of its once-biggest print sites, reports Jo Francis of PrintWeek, considering offset publishing firms.
  • Half Of Automotive Advertising To Shift To Digital
    For decades, car and truck ads have swollen newspapers, screamed from radio stations and transformed local car dealers into TV celebrities. If any single ad category were responsible for reshaping the face of local media, it would be automotive, says the 2014-2015 Automotive Advertising Outlook from Borrell.
  • Consumer Trends Driving Holiday Purchases
    Discussing differences between three of the major social advertising platforms, Heike Young reports on the development of top-performing consumer programs for digital marketers.
  • Wearable Tech Catching On Fast
    According to the latest quarterly research from Futuresource Consulting, consumer demand for wearable technology is rising fast, with Q3 global shipments totaling 12.7 million units, up 40% from just over nine million units in Q3 2013.
  • Gamified Ads Boost Engagement and Click-Through
    According to a new study by Celtra, reported by VB Gamesbeat, game-like ads perform significantly better than static, noninteractive display ads or videos. These interactive, gamified commercials saw better engagement and clickthrough rates, and people spent more spent interacting with the ads.
  • Do The Math; Such A Deal
    During the 2013 holiday shopping season, the U.S. population spent more than $42 billion online. Without deal websites, they would have spent quite a bit more, says a new report.
  • Trade Shows And Referrals Best B2B Lead Generators
    To understand which channels, offers, content types and technologies used and most effective for demand generation programs, trade shows were most commonly cited as generating both the most and the best: 77% of marketers said they generated a "somewhat" or "very high" quantity of leads, and 82% said they generated leads of "good" or "excellent" quality.
  • Showroom Or Webroom With A Smartphone; Which?
    Incidents of smartphone "showrooming," (seeing a product in a store, then buying it online from another retailer using a smartphone), dropped from 37% in the US last year to 28% in 2014. But "webrooming," (in which consumers buy in a store after researching a purchase online using a smartphone), was reported by an even higher proportion of respondents, 41%.
  • Analysis Finds Correlation Between Home Sales and Online Big Ticket Sales
    According to BigCommerce, in its first report on client e-commerce sales, higher home sales led to sharp growth in online sales of big-ticket items. The quarterly report, analyzing sales data from 55,000 online stores, shows that gross merchandise volume per store was 25% higher during Q3 2014 than during Q3 2013.
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