• Consumers Have Strong Appetite For Innovation
    According to results from a recent Nielsen report, based on a survey of 30,000 consumers across 60 countries, 56% say friends and family, and 52% say TV ads are the leading sources of information about new products for consumers.
  • Not Everybody Confident About The Information They Collect
    According to a new survey by Acuant, 55% of respondents currently rely on card scanning information capture processes, compared to only 19% which still use 'paper based' processes, and 17% which rely on 'customer entered' data.
  • Email Marketers Need A Quickie Message For Wearable Campaigns
    According to a wearable analysis by MailerMailer, with the release of the Apple Watch, wearable technology has officially arrived. Wearables, as they are often called, place limitations on both email design and metrics.
  • Quick Response Implies True Conviction
    According to Ipsos, presented by Elissa Moses, a well-established methodology that is used internationally by academia and market research alike to determine the unconscious strength of associations is called Implicit Reaction Time.
  • Email Remains A Marketing Mainstay
    It's a good time for marketers to get a gauge of the email landscape. This landscape is "all about change," so here are some stats and trends that are making waves so far this year:
  • Mobile Shopping Makes A Move On Online Sales
    According to a comScore report at the recent IRCE conference, mobile commerce began to make a noticeable increase in its share of digital commerce sales, jumping to 15.4% after in the first quarter of 2015 after hovering close to 11% for several prior quarters.
  • TV Watching Among 18-24s Continues Decline
    According to the latest quarterly TV viewing figures from Nielsen, reported by Marketing Charts, youth as a whole are watching less TV, and the decline appears to be accelerating, says the report.
  • Email Frequency Matters: Too Few Loses Money; Too Many Loses Customers
    According to a study and analysis by Return Path, from subscriber engagement with 199 million messages in 600,000 mailboxes, Email send frequency requires a delicate balance: send too little and leave money on the table, too many and customers become annoyed leading to complaints, list churn, and deliverability issues.
  • Marketers Looking To Technology To Enhance Engaging Content
    According to new research by Pulsepoint and Digiday, brand engagement is at the heart of content marketing, cited by 66.8% of UK and US agency and brand professionals.
  • Millennials' Hot Buttons For Employment
    Nearly 50% of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials. They are diverse, tech-savvy, socially connected, and more comfortable "job jumping" to find professional fulfillment.
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