• The End For Ad-Supported Websites?
    According to a new series from Adotas: "Online Advertising, Life After Mobile Ad Blocking,"... gives mobile users the tools they need to block ads as easily as desktop browser users do when using AdBlock Plus and other such apps.
  • Affluent GenXers Overtake Affluent Boomers
    According to the 2015 Ipsos Affluent Survey USA, for the first time ever the affluent population of the United States has more Generation Xers than Baby Boomers.
  • US Hispanics Super Mobile Consumers
    Hispanics are now the most avid smartphone users around. In fact, they are on their phones for more than 14 hours a week for app, audio, video and web purposes.
  • $6 Billion Lost To Fraudulent Ad Spend
    According to eZanga, with Emerging Insider Communications, advertisers waste over $6 billion a year in fraudulent advertising spend. Fraudulent accounts are abundant, and with good reasons: there are no rules, no consequences, and no regulations for their actions.
  • Total Media Ad Spending Growth Slows Worldwide
    Global ad spending will continue to grow, but more slowly than previously forecast by eMarketer. In 2015, total worldwide ad spending will reach $569.65 billion.
  • Millennials Keep Cable For Video On PCs & Laptops
    An Evercore ISI Group study of 866 millennial men and women showed that while the younger generation watches most of its video online, they are more than willing to pay for it, and are in no rush to cancel their cable/satellite/telco subscriptions.
  • Email; Value Proposition, Engage, Sold!
    A new IBM study shows that the more consumers feel satisfied with email messaging and its value proposition, the more likely they are to engage, and hopefully purchase.
  • So Long Ragtop; Hello Soccer Mom
    North America has always led the global convertible market, but hit a near-record low in 2014 with just 164,000 units sold in the region. While consumers returned to the automotive market, the gain has been in more practical segments, and purchases of convertibles and roadsters have lagged the general automotive market resurgence.
  • Mom And Dad Chose Mobile For Back-To-School Shopping
    According to the new IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, based on traffic and sales across 3,000 websites during the month of August, Back-To-School US retail online sales for August were up 11.9% as compared to the same period last year, while mobile sales jumped 42%, accounting for a quarter of all such online sales.
  • Programmatic Frustrating Publishers
    According to Technorati's "State Of The Industry: The State Of Programmatic Partnerships" survey, in conjunction with Digiday, 45.5% of publishers are frustrated by programmatic demand partners not able to compete with each other on each impression.
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