• Build A Strong Online Community And "They Will Come"
    Companies are trying to better leverage customer data to gain a richer understanding of their prospective customers. This study finds that marketers' primary focus in leveraging customer data is to improve segmentation and targeting.
  • Get In Their Heads For Successful Ads
    Using the latest tools and insights from neuroscience to measure, understand and affect human decision making, MediaBrix authorized a study to test different ad delivery methods.
  • 161 Black Friday-Specific Keywords Achieved $19 Million In Desktop Text Ad Spend
    Data, measuring U.S. Google desktop text ad activity on the top 50,000 keywords in the retail category, December is the top month of the fourth quarter for paid search ad spend, followed by November and October in descending order.
  • Social Media Provides Retail Customer Visibility
    48% of all customer journey interactions occur in social channels. And in the "UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper" report, 34% of consumers state that social media influences their purchases.
  • A Fraction Of Available TV Viewed
    Focusing on the media channel choices within the many different platforms consumers have at their disposal, viewers consistently watch a relatively small percent of the television networks available to them, but over the years both channels available and channels viewed have increased.
  • Unsuccessful Site Search Leaves Sales On The Table
    While site search is critically important to shoppers, the study suggests that many retailers have not evolved site search to meet the demands of an omnichannel world. Frustrated web and mobile shoppers are likely to go elsewhere when retailers don't get it right.
  • Push Notifications Powerful Strategy On Thin Ice
    Studying over 4.4 million push notifications sent between February and August, 2016, every misstep reduces open rates, and in turn, retention and engagement.
  • Impact Of Predictive Modeling
    Knowing not just how often someone stops for Starbucks, but why, is the genesis of the thrust of Predictive Marketing.
  • Amazon Massive Influence On eCommerce Market
    Amazon is involved in most online activities, with 90% of customers checking the retailer even if they find the product they want on another ecommerce site.
  • Fast Forwarding Ad Skippers
    53% of TV viewers would rather watch ad-supported online TV than pay for a subscription. But if technology gives them the ability to skip those ads, they'll use it!
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