• Define A Millennial
    The report does define millennials as a 20 year generation, born in 1980. The 37 Year Old Millennial is everything expected from a millennial, and in some cases more.
  • Half Of Paid Searches Voice Activated By 2020
    The iProspect report provides an analysis and overview of the trends and opportunities relevant for brands that are taking a strategic, performance focused approach to paid search marketing.
  • Intercultural Asian American Women
    Asian American women are embracing new products, trends and experiences. They over index on travel to the Middle East, Latin America and Canada as compared to non-Hispanic white women.
  • Cars And Cosmetics Outspend All Luxury On The Web
    After contracting by a marginal 0.5% last year, luxury ad spending across 23 key markets is set for growth this year and next. The US, China and Japan will provide 80% of the coming growth
  • YouTube Serves Up A Billion Hours Of Video A Day
    YouTube viewers world-wide are now watching more than 1 billion hours of videos a day, boosted by algorithms personalizing user lineups, and threatening to eclipse U.S. television viewership.
  • Ad Spend On Original Digital Video Programming Doubles And Growing
    Spending on ads that support original digital video content has nearly doubled in the past two years. The average annual ad spend around original digital video content, defined as being professionally produced for digital consumption, is around $4.4 million for 2017
  • Lodes Unearthed With Faster Loads
    Retail businesses today face enormous challenges in delivering the fast, reliable, 24x7 omnichannel experience that users demand. And, says the report, those users won't wait around for you to get it right.
  • Nielsen Offers Owned and Organic Social TV Measures
    The Nielsen launch of enhanced capabilities within Social Content Ratings, supports the analysis of owned and organic activity within the total social TV conversation by measuring the engagement with content posted by owned accounts associated with a program or network, in addition to organic accounts from the general viewing audience.
  • Paid Search And Social Ad Spend Continues Y-O-Y Double Digit Growth
    Social ad spending increased 41% year-over-year supported by substantial (153%) growth in video ads, and Dynamic Product Ad (202%) spending. Increased spending on mobile ads (45%) resulted in a 10% rise in total search spend YoY.
  • Misalignment Of Incentives With Goals Plagues Marketers
    This latest research report provides insights from over 200 marketing leaders, in 19 different industries, on challenges they face when proving Return on Investment.
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