• Cryptocurrencies Capture Millennials
    According to an article recently published by MarketWatch, Bitcoin has had a wild ride, and millennials have decided to go along for it.
  • "Fake News" Possible Benefit
    "Fake news" has actually benefited the media, consumers and businesses alike, says Karla Jo Helms, founder and CEO of JoTo PR, proposing a contrarian theory.
  • Outsmart eCommerce Giants
    According to Radial, simplifying omnichannel commerce technology and operations, 72% of US online shoppers have a membership to an eCommerce marketplace such as Amazon or eBay. Their recent study entitled "Outsmart eCommerce Giants to Win Online Shoppers in 2018" shows that the retail industry dominated headlines throughout 2017.
  • Server Response Time Is Everything
    Facebook wants fast, mobile experiences that will keep its users happy and coming back to the platform. A core measurement to deduce a site's speed is server response time.
  • Common PR Video Blunders
    Why your videos might not be enjoying as many viewers in today's content glut, and how to win back your audience: 1. "Too many people just grab a phone and start shooting," says Drew Keller, a video producer at StoryGuide and content developer at Microsoftk, but the only way to create a truly moving story with your video is to write it out first and shoot second."
  • Customer Success 2.0: The New Growth Engine
    In the mid-2000s, software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors faced a major problem. They had significantly invested in customer acquisition and landed many new accounts, but their products had become increasingly complex and difficult to understand.
  • 193 Women CEOs Out Of 1043 Replacements
    Women accounted for 18% of chief executive officer replacements in 2017, unchanged from the year before,
  • Cross Screen Advertising
    As consumer attention is increasingly split across screens, marketers are looking holistically at all touchpoints to find their audiences in the right place, at the right time.
  • The Voice Shopping Future
    "Over the last 15 years... there've been at least a dozen technologies described as potential game changers, but... voice has clearly emerged as a truly game-changing technology... "
  • $107 Billion Lost In Returns
    The holiday shopping season is often a peak for retailers' sales. But the flipside to that boom is it leads to peak returns season, costing a total of $107 billion lost in returns a year.
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