• Martha, The Comeback Kid: C'mon Who're We Kidding?
    Did anyone ever really doubt that Martha would be back?
  • The 'Big Idea' Gets Even Bigger, But What About Donny's Head?
    It used to be said that advertising executives harbored dreams of doing something far more cultural than 30-second commercials and magazine slicks. On weekends, serious art directors toiled on oil-stained canvasses, while the desk drawer of any respectable copywriter contained at least one draft of the next great American novel.
  • Fox Radio Deal Sends Signals: Is It Politics, or Just Business As Usual?
    Television and radio broadcasters have always been strange bedfellows. And the latest TV/radio alliance - Fox News, which is getting into bed with radio giant Clear Channel Communications - may be strangest of all.
  • If It Ain't Brokaw, Don't Fix It: Anchor Sinks Gently Into A Good Night
    Perhaps the most telling signal that the network evening news business has lost its significance to the American public is the coverage that followed the retirement of television news' top anchor. There hardly was any.
  • NBC Is TV's New York Yankees
    November rubbed NBC Universal the wrong way, but not so at CBS and ABC.
  • Advocacy Advertising Garners Publicity
    When you have controversial issues, you have perfect TV marketing.
  • Product Placement Overkill Leaves Viewers Too Taxed and Sugared
    Tax season is upon us, and that means I can see a few Jeopardy-inspired TV commercials running next month.
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