• Charter Communications: Why Not Show ALL The Network Fees A Cable System Pays?
    Charter Communications, your customers need the bigger picture. The cable operator thinks it's going to curry favor with its subscribers by telling them, in their bills, what is paid in retransmission fees to run broadcast networks. I have a better idea: Why not tell customers all the fees Charter pays for every network that goes into consumers' homes -- broadcast, cable, whatever? Consumer don't care about industry-speak "retransmission" fees. If they care at all, they care about all the money their cable company -- and, in turn -- what they, the consumers -- pay for cable programming fees.
  • More Than Half Viewing Time Devoted To Ad Messages In Reality Shows
    Wonder why reality shows are still a favorite among TV marketers -- even with many at mediocre ratings? Just look at the total advertising/messaging time of those programs.
  • For TV And Media Newbies, Profits And Value Harder To Find
    Murky and mysterious is how the television industry works these days. So can new TV ventures and media be clearly profitable -- or it that something we can leave in the muddle?
  • Should NFL Abolish TV Blackouts?
    Fewer TV comedies play to live in-studio audiences these days. Should we expect the same from our local NFL teams?
  • A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
    Why is there so much curiosity about the kiss -- the upcoming lip lock on "Modern Family" between the gay couple? The guy-on-guy, girl-on-girl action on premium cable is much hotter. ABC, by contrast, is showing a devoted couple's affection.
  • What's More Necessary Than A TV Set? A Clothes Dryer, Actually
    For the average U.S. citizen, the relative value of the humble TV set has been dropping. There's a bunch of stuff way ahead of TV in the needed products list-- such as a car, which 86% consider the No. 1 necessity, according to a recent Pew Research report. Only 42% consider TV necessary -- down 10 percentage points from a year ago, putting TV in eighth place.
  • Low-Def TV? In Many Cases, We'd Be Better Off
    Ask yourself this question: what sports should be in demand for 3D TV? Probably the big three -- football, basketball, and baseball -- to be sure. But what about golf, poker, curling, darts, and three-legged races?
  • Flow Of TV Biz Info Goes Everywhere -- Is That Good?
    Virtually everyone wants to be a video mogul -- especially these days, when we may believe we have enough inside information to make it happen. That lone gunman in the Discovery Communications lobby had an idea about a reality TV show. Who doesn't? Apparently he had a bigger problem with rejection -- and other stuff.
  • TV Summer Keeps It Real: Better Ratings For MTV, ABC, Little News About 'Idol'
    In case you haven't noticed -- it's been quite a good TV summer. MTV finally found its mojo working again, and is now posting some of its biggest summer ratings in three years, thanks to the likes of "Jersey Shore," which seemingly has a float effect of lifting all boats, including "Teen Mom," The Hills," "Real World: New Orleans" and other shows.
  • "Classic TV" Just Another Starting Point For TV Platform Wannabes
    Starting a new TV platform or technology? You need "classic" TV -- otherwise just known as 'old' (maybe boring) TV for the rest of us. Yet another "classic" TV network is starting up. This one from Tribune Broadcasting. Haven't w seen this show before?
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