• TV Producers Driven To Find New Revenue: Marketers' Dollars?
    Sounds like a great TV story -- one that encompasses a TV producer, kickbacks, and advertising dollars. A longtime former publicity executive of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- the group that owns the rights to the Golden Globes Awards -- now claims in a lawsuit that the head of the group, Philip Berk, demanded "commission" from a TV advertising buy NBC got from Chrysler
  • Manners Update: Why Booing Is Good For TV
    Let out a good "boo." TV critics do it all the time -- sometimes in their writing, other times in a big room when asking TV performers questions.
  • Argh! Jim-Lad! All Your TV Shows Are Just Landlubbers!
    "There's like a pirate ship feeling to this show." Conan O'Brien says his TBS show isn't at all "The Tonight Show" -- but more like a program on the high seas, looking for treasure. Maybe that's what more TV shows should feel like.
  • C'mon, Comcast! Give Me Some Real Promises
    romises, promises. Everyone in television needs to make them -- but what is actually delivered can look a lot different. Comcast has to make more than its share -- all to get done what many think will be a media merger with NBC Universal that might wreak havoc on adult consumers, independent filmmakers, competitors -- and apparently kids.
  • CES 2011: More Of An Entertainment Jungle, Fewer Visions Of Paradise
    Monday-morning quarterbacking of the Consumer Electronics Show: When it comes to future TV hardware/software/digital services, it's hard to place a bet: Google TV? Apple TV? Roku? Hulu? The networks doing their own individual thing? Forget keyboards, joysticks, iPads -- what about "gesture" entertainment technology?
  • Too Much Oprah OWN On Her Syndicated Show?
    Some TV stations are complaining that the Oprah Winfrey syndicated show has become too much of a promotional vehicle for the new Oprah Winfrey cable network, OWN -- especially in some recently broadcast "Winfrey" episodes.
  • Cable TV Programmers Don't Want To Pay So Much For TV Reruns Anymore
    So what is rerun programming really worth these days? It depends whether it has a digital deal, maybe a Netflix deal. The answer is probably a lot less than you think. Even so, no one knows for sure.
  • A Traditional-TV Rarity: Profitability, Almost Right From The Start
    Sure, Facebook might be worth $50 billion -- that's easy to figure out. But the more interesting news is that someone dared to take a change on somewhat older media and proved -- after only a few days -- to be successful: The new Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN, will be profitable this year -- actually getting into a "positive" cash flow.
  • TV Programmers/Businesses Not Really Looking For Eyeballs -- But Thumbs And Other Digits
    Just one move of your TV-enabled thumb, index, or pinkie is what TV entrepreneurs big and small are really looking for.
  • Looking For New Shows From Old -- Even Mediocre -- Ones
    TV producers keep trying to create something new, from the old. "WWE Tough Enough," which was taken off the air by MTV back in 2003, looks to make another try on USA Network, which is the long-time TV distributor of "WWE Monday Night Raw," still one of the top-rated cable TV shows.
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