• Charlie Sheen: Publicity/Promotion Wasted -- Or An Opportunity?
    TV buzz counts for a lot these days. And maybe Charlie Sheen has figured it out. With that in mind -- separate from all the obvious issues -- what would a new episode of "Two and a Half Men" airing, say, tomorrow night earn in viewers? 20 million? 30 million? The buzz is all here: right in the middle of wall-to-wall Sheen publicity.
  • Hulu Will Do Well With Advertisers This Year -- Not Just Because Of The Obvious Reasons
    For all its problems, Hulu now says it will reach $500 million in combined advertising and subscription revenue this year -- nearly double its $263 million revenue take in 2010. CEO Jason Kilar said Hulu now has 627 advertisers and 250 content partners. That's big growth from three years ago when the site launched with a dozen advertisers and two content partners.
  • Behind-The-Scenes Media Business Drama May Bring Financial Gain -- And Better Foot Care?
    Behind the scenes, you can only wonder what goes on among the rich, powerful, and seemingly Teflon-resistant lives of big media executives and talent. It's always good to keep your opponent off-balance. Attack first, ask questions later. Intimidation always works, on or off the air. Compromise? Deals? Those are for losers. For dramatic effect and even possible higher net worth, go for what you want -- with attitude.
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