• TV Networks And Marketers: Place Your Bets, Good Time Guaranteed
    Fox is getting tough with some of its TV affiliates when it comes to retransmission discussions. Other networks might do the same. Will this toughness extend to TV advertising partners?
  • Can TV's Own '38 Special" Hit The Mark For Marketers?
    Focus on the screen -- you know, the real big, old-school one sitting in your living room. New research shows that traditional TV advertising has 38 times the emotional engagement of online rich media -- perhaps the best, certainly most costly, digital advertising message around. These results come from a new Innerscope Research study for Fox Television Network tracking viewers' heartbeat, perspiration, respiration and eyeball movement.
  • Can YouTube Shake Its Wal-Mart Marketing Image In A Netflix World?
    YouTube is still looking for the premium video streaming answer. It's a big oil tanker that needs a fast marketing turn -- something very difficult to make happen in a sea of quick speedboats.
  • OWN The Good And The Bad, Then Move Ahead
    In the space of four months, the Oprah Winfrey Network: OWN has had three different executives running the network. Robin Schwartz lasted 10 months; Christina Norman, four months (she was just let go); and now veteran Peter Liguori has taken OWN over -- on a interim basis, maybe longer.
  • TV Upfront: Talking Dreaded 'Double-Digit' Increases
    Double-digit increases. Those words can strike fear into the hearts of media buyers and their clients. Before last year's upfront, CBS pretty much laid its plan on the line: it would get double-digit percent increases on the cost per thousand viewers. To many observers, CBS didn't quite get there for all advertisers, maybe not even for an average of all advertisers.
  • As NBC's Cloudy Situation Finds A Clearing, Can It Follow The Light?
    Just in time for upfront market, NBC has a certifiable hit! The second episode of "The Voice," rocketed up 8% from its first outing to a big-for-broadcast-these-days 5.6 rating. "The Voice" is easily the highest rated new show of this season -- and perhaps the only one to increase its audience week to week
  • TV At Any Cost No Longer The Rule For Many Young Adults
    Long-time entertainment thinking was that no matter how poor people were they always found a way to own a TV set. No money left for clothes, food, or toiletries? No problem. This kind of thinking goes back to an even earlier theory, that, in the 1930s, at the height of the depression, people still went to the movies. But new Nielsen data shows some remarkable chinks in this theory.
  • New Shows Need To Know How Much Network Marketing Support They Can Get
    This time of year, with network upfront presentations in a few weeks, producers and show runners of prospective series have enough to worry about. Namely, will their shows get picked up? But maybe a better question needs to be asked: To what extent will the network promote your show? How many times will promos appear? On how many sister cable networks? And how many GRPs a week? 50? 100? 10?
  • What's Up With 'Celebrity Apprentice, The Upfront, Trump And Letterman
    In television, perception is everything -- even if reality says something else. If you don't believe the President was born in this country, you probably are not about to change your mind with the release of a long-form birth certificate. You know, probably the CIA or someone else had a hand in it. Right?
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