• Should Performers Reveal Endorsement Details In Real Time?
    Do you trust your favorite celebrities to give you the unvarnished truth about popular consumer products and services -- in real time -- in any media? The Federal Trade Commission believes celebrities need to make it clearer when they're being paid for promotional deals online.
  • TV Everywhere: Elsewhere Or Nowhere?
    A growing number of network executives have been moaning about the disparate iterations of TV Everywhere. Every network seems to have a different way to handle it.
  • Promoting Shows With Powerful Key Art
    You can think of it as a good sign that TV critics these days continue to ponder not just easily digestible video trailers but print key art for critically acclaimed shows. What else can you expect from the "golden age of drama"? And especially from the first ad-supported original cable drama series that copped some big critical reviews and Emmy wins. We speak of AMC's "Mad Men."
  • Upfront 2013: A Cautionary Tale
    The upfront marketplace may not be so up this year -- at least according to one media analyst. While Michael Nathanson of Nomura Equity Research initially predicted overall advertising revenue market could be up 3.6% this year, he advised caution. He called the ad market "surprisingly weak" and the TV market particularly disappointing considering that, excluding the Olympics and political advertising, it only rose 2.2% year-over-year in 2012.
  • Does TV Work You Over?
    The "lean-back" medium may not be so laid back. Finding TV content in the digital age now takes effort. The next question is, will traditional TV advertising/promotion be a part of this equation?
  • Can NBC Avoid Conan Flubs With Fallon Plan?
    NBC's Jay Leno could be on his way out -- again. This time Jimmy Fallon could be angling for the NBC "Tonight" show job, according to reports. Haven't we kind of heard this story before? (Last time it was Conan O'Brien from the same "Late Night" show).
  • Another New Fox Cable Network Looks For A Different State Of Mind -- Or For Humility
    Another new cable network with more attitude? Any more TV posturing and we are sure to hear fewer words, perhaps just grunts. News Corp's Fox Sports 1 wants to bring this to the party in its attempt to unseat Walt Disney's ESPN with a new national sports cable network that will start this August.
  • Why Broadcast Nets Shouldn't Reach For Cable-Like Niches
    Much has been said about viewer-losing broadcast networks needing to get "edgier" and perhaps more niche-like to compete with cable networks. But that might be a big mistake. Broadcast networks would be giving up reach, the one thing they still have over cable networks, says Brian Wieser, senior research analyst of Pivotal Research Group.
  • Is It Time To Time-Shift Not Just TV Shows, But Social Media Comments?
    Entertainment consumers must be getting headaches from all the real-time and time-shifted TV content. There is real-time TV viewing -- and all the associated real-time social media components -- and unreal, time-shifted TV viewing for on-demand services like Netflix's "House of Cards" and for past-seasons' viewing of, say, PBS' "Downton Abbey" or even Fox's "24" on other platforms. Should I go fast -- or should I take my time? Of course, the answer is that it's your choice. But does that go for all media platforms, new and old?
  • FCC Could Change Standards For Product Placement Disclosure
    End-of-show mentions saying "promotional consideration brought to you by..." may not be enough in the future. The General Accounting Office urged the Federal Communications Commission to change how TV shows disclose product placement, video news releases or political advertising
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