• Where Do TV Broadcast Networks Fit In A La Carte Programming?
    It may be no coincidence that Sen. John McCain's bill to revamp most of the modern TV business -- including a plan to give consumers the option to buying as many cable channels as they want --- comes at the same time major TV networks are offering their new fall programming.
  • Will You Fail TV's test... Or Will TV Fail You?
    Networks test shows before pickup. But any real "test" comes from the first airing of a show -- which takes into account all the stuff a test can't account for: marketing, lead-in programming, scheduling and other factors.
  • Upfront Nerves: Digital Executives On Edge. TV Executives? Calm Before The Storm
    Where is the seamless cross-platform media deal? The one one where, if you are watching an episode of NBC's "Parenthood" on TV, you can continue to see an commercial for AT&T on traditional TV, then view the same content and ad on a iPad?
  • Can Cable Or Digital Content Networks Provide Relief For TV's 'Failure Tax'?
    Failure tax? Is that what marketers continue to pay to TV broadcasters? Yes, according to Mel Berning, president of advertising sales for A+E Networks. But there are ways to defeat this -- though a tax haven in the Cayman Islands isn't one of them.
  • McCain Bill Would Upset The TV System -- In Theory
    If Sen. John McCain has his way, the whole broadcast/cable eco-system will be turned upside real soon. Nice wishful thinking by him and others who want drastic change. Except for one thing: There is no way what he wants will happen.
  • Sharing Media Content: Still Good For Friends And Maybe Even Content Owners
    BitTorrent, the file-sharing service that has a bad rap because its technology gets mentioned in the same breath as piracy, cites a studyshowing that file-sharers are four times more likely to purchase digital music than people who don't use such services. BitTorrent says its own business has around 170 million users.
  • Old-School May Beat NewFronts For Young Viewers
    Young people may watch less TV these days, but they still watch a decent amount: 23 and-a-quarter hours a week. Now the downside: 18-24 year-old viewers watched about two hours and 20 minutes less per week - or about 20 minutes less per day -- in the fourth quarter of 2012 versus a year earlier, according to Nielsen.
  • Social Media Brings Quicker Results -- Good AND Bad -- For Summer Movies
    Movie companies, in their big summer and winter selling periods, seek films with a big bang. Increasingly not-so-quiet word-of-mouth sentiment from consumer entertainment ambassadors has a major effect.
  • Can You Reach Obama Through ESPN Ads? Three-On-Three Basketball Game Might Work Better
    How much media sense does it make to get a message to one person by using one of the biggest and costliest cable networks? The answer might depend on who that person is, and how much power he/she has. A few organizations with a political bent have reportedly been buying time on ESPN to get their message to President Obama -- as well as to top Washington movers and shakers. So who is doing the media efficiency on this buy?
  • What Does Rise In Home Entertainment Spending Mean For Traditional TV?
    Home entertainment spending is up, continuing to confound skeptics but emboldening all traditional media creators. Entertainment content will surely be around. But its exact form is still anyone's guess.
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