• No Limits On Theatrical Product Placement And Pre-Release Marketing
    Hand it to the folks at Paramount Pictures for their marketing effort for "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues." You can never have enough pre-release movie marketing activity in this ever-fractionalizing media world. Ron Burgundy, "Anchorman 2"'s main character played by Will Ferrell, is seemingly everywhere -- on TBS' "Conan," ESPN's "SportsCenter," "The Dan Patrick Show" on DirecTV's Audience Network, and even a turn reading the news at a Bismarck, ND TV station.
  • Balancing The Costs And Value Of Programming For All Parties
    TV programming is costing more for consumers, advertisers, networks and stations worldwide. The latter are getting compensated for their higher license fees with better revenue and earnings results. This justifies big media's efforts to funnel even more dollars into TV production, including increased sports programming costs. And who pays for those costs? Take a guess. But don't jump on the pile just yet. The consumers' need for entertainment shows no bounds -- even considering the tiny, but highly touted, trend of cord-cutting and cord-shaving.
  • Public TV Thinks About Political Ads As Other Funding Harder To Get
    A U.S. appeals court on Monday ruled that a federal ban on public TV and radio stations accepting political advertising does not violate the First Amendment.
  • Looking For Emotionally Ready Viewers -- Or Perhaps The Most Vulnerable Ones?
    Forget about what marketers what to know about you on a purely analytical basis - such as what type of pets you have in your home, or your car or food preferences. Future messaging may look to figure out how you feel on a particular day. Maybe you don't feel like some generic shopping? What if you are blue? Perhaps an ad or message from a therapist would be in order. Perhaps a smiling face, or a piece of chocolate.
  • New Age Media Plans, With A Twist: Better Work, More Sweat
    A good media plan can require hard work and sweat. But should everyone -- bosses, clients, vendors and consumers -- know what goes into that? You could have proof. You could keep your sweat for evidence. And then think of your favorite entertainers.
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