• Battle Of The TV Sign-In Data: Apple Plans New Set-Top Box
    Apple TV is working on a new set-top box. Still no word about an actual Apple television set. We know how complicated it is working on new TV technologies, TV services, or combined technology/service -- all in the hopes of offering easier/ revolutionary ways to access all kind of media via the big screen.
  • Dumb Starbucks 'Parody' Should Lead To Dumber Comedy Central Marketing Spin
    Now that on-air personality Nathan Fielder of Comedy Central's "Nathan For You" has taken credit for starting the Dumb Starbucks faux coffee store in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, many questions remain to be answered: What kind of benefits were gained from this promotional stunt? More important, should the "dumb" name ever be attached to entertainment brands?
  • Media And Viewers: Both Wasted
    It's nice to have billionaires looking out for us -- especially when facing the death of TV. "I'm tired of the majors screwing you, screwing me, and screwing the entire industry, by trying to shut down progress," said Alki David, founder/chief executive officer of Internet-delivered TV service FilmOn. Meanwhile, broadcast networks, major cable networks, and TV providers like Time Warner Cable continue to lose business -- viewers, ratings and/or subscribers.
  • Leno's Gone, Quest For Late-Night Ad Dollars Continues
    The "final" finale of Jay Leno hosting NBC's "The Tonight Show" has become -- happily for many -- the highest-rated of his two finales. TV marketers might be applauding.
  • As Binging Increases, Who Should Worry?
    HBO and Netflix are pulling in nearly the same yearly revenue -- $4.9 billion and $4.3 billion respectively. Profits are a different story: $1.8 billion for HBO and $228 million for Netflix. HBO would probably have loved to have "House of Cards" on its linear network (and on its HBO Go app). But there are now more factors to consider -- like after-market rights on video-on-demand platforms.
  • Looking For Medic To Treat My Football Media And Other Potential Injuries
    My healthcare company is raising its premiums 25%. In this economy, even ad sellers are only figuring on about a 3% rise in total revenue this year. Inflation rate? Still microscopic by historical standards. What do you really need to have? Supply and demand rule in all markets despite "current prevailing wisdom."
  • New TV Group Adds To The Growing Noise About Industry Change
    Do consumers need another big TV industry group looking to take aim at another piece of the TV infrastructure? Network affiliates and station groups, looking for relief from growing retransmission disputes, have formed TVfreedom.org for some industry bonding. A statement from the new group said its efforts will include telling the truth about record profits TV providers have made over the last few years. In particular, it singled out three out-of-line TV providers: Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, and DirecTV. TVfreedom says it will look to reveal those fees passed on to consumers that they shouldn't be paying -- especially …
  • More Money For TV Companies Despite Commercial Skipping
    Will I need to start talking to my TV -- to help out my remote? "Turn to Food Network's 'Iron Chef,'" I might say, "and make it without commercials, please."
  • Super Bowl: In A Blowout, Snow-Out Could Have Helped Dense Pack Of Commercials
    In contrast to the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos, this year's Super Bowl brought a closely fought battle among some 50 or more marketers looking for big attention -- as well as for some Fox shows, old and new, looking to make hay.
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