• Are Trump Debate Appearances TV 'Advertising' Or 'Content'?
    Everyone wants to get paid for their "content" - even some politicians. Realizing the advertising windfall that CNN grabbed for its high-viewership Republican presidential debates, candidate Donald Trump renewed his request that CNN should pay him for his appearance at the next debate, Dec. 15 -- $5 million, which he said he would donate directly to charity.
  • How Important Is Live TV Viewing? Networks Send Mixed Messages
    You have to wonder about ABC's recent on-air marketing campaign for its mid-season winter finales: "Live Viewing is Advised." This is contrary to what other TV networks are doing by placing a growing value on time-shifted viewing.
  • Digital Media Ad Mischief Grows: What Does This Mean For Traditional TV?
    So what if you saw a traditional TV commercial for a car insurance company, and somehow the next commercial, hacked by scammers, told you what a lot of bunk that insurance company was up to?
  • Music May Not Always Need Social Media: Could TV Make The Same Claim?
    Scarcity in media: Who really uses it well these days? Musical artist Adele, for one. Adele does virtually no social media -- no comments, tweets, snarky bits about other celebrities. Nothing. And what does she get for avoiding perhaps one of the new powerful marketing tools this century? One of the biggest-selling albums in recent memory. Meanwhile, TV executives seem to need social media to stir buzz -- especially to boost their declining on-air ratings.
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