• New TV Leverage: Hard Ground For Pay TV, New Media
    Many TV networks -- broadcast and cable -- have complained sometimes bitterly about TV carriage negotiations, with fingers pointing everywhere. This has been especially hard on those smaller, mid-size more independently minded networks.
  • Fewer NFL Ads? Other TV Content Does It
    Like other producers of TV content, the NFL is looking into the possibility of cutting back on TV commercials -- as well as an overall shortening games overall to keep the action moving.
  • TV Networks Rethink Earned Media For Future Presidential Runs
    Presidential TV marketing and advertising can only take you so far. Next time around, candidates might do well to wrangle even newer messaging/branding alternatives.
  • Election Data Proved A Big-League Failure
    Polls of "likely voters" missed the boat. Predictive models were a bust. How did the polls get it so wrong?
  • Next Presidential TV Candidate's Media View: Hate it, Cajole it, Rinse And Repeat
    Candidates can contradict themselves even against actual video to the contrary. But no apologies -- especially if it your TV persona is about being 'honest', "fresh" and "different." The press, Trump proved, is irrelevant.
  • Return Of Tour De Trump - New TV Bike Race With Balls?
    Ever hear of the Tour de Trump? Yes, that was a real weeklong professional bike race, on the East Coast, from 1989 to 1990. Professional cyclists are a part of the working class - and Donald Trump wants to help workers, right?
  • A November Surprise: Nielsen Sticks To Its Downbeat News For Cable Networks
    Nielsen walks back its cable network assessment as networks challenge its results. The core date underpins Nielsen's ratings estimates -- and it's critical to get it right.
  • Facebook Ad Load Issue: Can Legacy TV Offer Some Counseling?
    Facebook has hit saturation with ad loads. To make matters somewhat worse, in late September, Facebook told major ad agencies and ad buyers the way it had counted viewing time had been artificially inflated between 60% to 80%.
  • What's The Journalistic Upside To Political Analysts?
    TV news networks need to be clearer about what on-air political analysts can and can't say about information obtained while on the job. Many are former political figures or lobbyists. They may need a lesson in how journalism works -- and what their responsibilities once they join its ranks.
  • Will TV Get Its Share Of Mobile TV Ads?
    Watching more TV/video on your laptop -- or perhaps mobile devices? TV network executives are focused on where the advertising dollars are traveling.
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