• Holding Back TV News? Not For Sweeps Or Main Newscasts
    Media viewers shouldn't be teasing into waiting for those big TV news stories that come around four times a year, during sweeps. Trouble is, traditional local TV programming is still where TV stations' bread is buttered -- where they make the most bang for their buck with advertisers.
  • Trump '100 Day' Ad A Lesson in Grandstanding
    Of the intended $1.5 million media buy, the campaign only spent $116,729 on national TV networks, according to iSpot.tv -- from May 2 through May 6. Some TV networks just aren't happy to slapped with a "fake news" banner.
  • Traditional TV This Upfront: We Got Big Data, Too
    All marketers won't agree on the mix of media -- traditional and new media -- these days. Each has different sales concerns, dynamics and goals. Still, traditional TV selling executives will push that they are catching up to social media and others -- claiming they have more "advanced data and optimization capabilities."
  • TV May Mean Fewer Commercials, Less Ad Talk
    Cable networks, such as Turner's TNT and truTV, some Viacom networks, have been looking to scale back advertising loads during its programming content. The question going forward is: How can TV networks make money this way? Fox has some ideas.
  • ABC Looks To Restart 'Idol' Worship
    ABC said it kick-start a new version of one of the biggest U.S. TV shows ever -- "American Idol" -- from its original producers FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment. It's scheduled for the 2017-'18 season.
  • A Sinclair-Tribune Merge Isn't Exactly A TV Network
    In the wake of the big potential $4 billion Sinclair and Tribune Media deal, you might hear the one loaded word that gets everyone in an uproar: network. It could mean far more national ad revs, especially with a U.S. coverage of 72%.
  • Binge-Watch, Cancel, Repeat
    Nearly one-third of free trials of streaming video-on-demand services turn into paid subscriptions. That's supposed to be a pretty good conversion rate, but try subscribing to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime without getting a free trial. Impossible!
  • Trump Touts Triumphs, Even If They Are Fake News
    Think you've seen the last of Trump-backed ads touting his big presidential/legislative actions on cable TV news networks? Doubtful. Yet only two networks have run the 100-days victory lap spot so far, Fox News Channel and Fox Business.
  • Sharing Network Ad Inventory With Pay TV Inevitable
    TV networks will not surrender any more of their prized TV advertising inventory anytime soon. We can only assume, for the near term, these will be fee-based deals. But down the road, new TV-video deals for new digital services might look to grab new pieces of more advertising revenues.
  • Traditional New Media Sees Uptick In Brand Equity
    President Trump rails against the press, his rants have have unintended consequences: Many companies have posted big gains in viewing/readership and advertising, and now, brand equity among specific political leaning consumers.
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