• Why TV Sports Programming Matters So Much To Networks
    Monetizing sports programming though advertising and/or subscription fees will continue to be a big deal. So are higher ratings for the NFL and NBA.
  • Streamers May Be Real Home For Adult-Targeted Films
    Director Martin Scorsese decried the decreasing emphasis on "narrative" adult films. They may just have moved venues -- from cinemas to streaming channels.
  • TV Advertisers Sift Through Facts, Lies And Audience Numbers
    TV and other media news advertisers have a lot to think about these days, especially with regard to news -- however one defines it -- and political advertising.
  • Big Movies May Find A Home At Streamers, Not Movie Theaters
    Movie studios are mulling different distribution for some theatrical movies -- especially with TV streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • YouTube Is Bigger Among Teens Than Netflix
    Teens' daily video consumption with YouTube is at a 37% share -- up five percentage points from an earlier study. Netflix is at a 35% share, down two points.
  • Is Roku's Independence A Good Thing?
    What's driving Roku's revenue and stock price higher? One analyst says it's a lack of TV company conflicts.
  • Forecast: Fox Corp. Sees Mixed Affiliate Fee Results
    MoffettNathanson estimates the average number of subscribers for all Fox cable networks is down 2.1% to a total of 383.1 million.
  • Virtual Pay TV Providers May Soon Battle Over Ad Inventory
    While Disney+ on its own D2C platform won't have advertising, Disney associated content on Amazon Fire TV might.
  • YouTube Asks Creators To Be Honest About Questionable Work
    YouTube is giving flexibility to its content creators, who may have some content issues that are not advertiser-friendly.
  • GenZ-Millennials Buy Into Political TV Content, Advertising - On TV, Streaming Platforms
    Good news for traditional TV platforms: 64% of GenZennials trust news they see on TV more than what they see on social media.
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