• Apple TV+ Ups TV Marketing, Content Spend Should Follow
    Apple TV+ is spending to promote its service, but to stay competitive, it must significantly ramp up the content side of the business.
  • Define The Biggest TV Show In The U.S. - Then Ask Viewers
    The calculation may be numbers, which are ever changing, or critical popularity.
  • Is Warner Bros. Sending A Secret Message In The 'Matrix' Poster?
    The "Choice Is Yours" could mean a choice between cinemas or streaming.
  • Amazon, Roku Move To Branded TV Sets - Will Apple Follow?
    Apple is looking to the future with bigger-ticket items. Not TV sets, but $30,000 to $40,000 self-driving vehicles.
  • Movie Theater Chains Need TV More Than Ever
    The business has apparently changed forever -- and chains have to be nimble in gaining revenue.
  • Will Programs On FAST TV Lead To SVOD Subs?
    Some believe FAST services can act like a promotional channel for viewers, enticing them to access premium ad-free or other services.
  • Locast Claimed To Offer A 'Public Service,' But A Judge Disagreed
    The TV networks and the judge believe Locast was just another TV player looking to nudge itself into the TV world. A federal judge ruled Locast violated TV networks' copyright.
  • Is There Value In A One Media Currency System?
    There are many who are thinking about a one-currency system - or what Nielsen One is positioned to be.
  • Classic TV, Movies Have New Customers, But Definitions Can Prove Elusive
    Retro TV shows and media flourish on various platforms -- new streamers, old-style cable TV networks and local TV digital signal-based networks.
  • Movie Theater Business Licks Its Wounds, Given Simultaneous Streamer Releases
    Sony hated the idea of a same-day release of movies in theaters and on streaming platforms, although other movie studios agreed.
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