• NEW! A.1. Consciously Uncouples From Steak, Changes Label
    I have always been a fan of using A.1. on foods other than steak, and it looks like I'm not alone. Taking a cue from Gwyneth and Chris, A.1. is "consciously uncoupling" from steak. And if you don't believe me, check A.1.'s Facebook page. Can we say relationship status has been changed? So it's the real deal. In an amusing 2-minute online video, we follow A.1. as it updates its Facebook page, initially proclaiming its love for steak via status updates and pictures, until A.1. removes itself from a relationship …
  • Thierry Mugler Fragrance Turns Darkness Into Light
    Am I alone in believing that perfume ads often try for "deep" but wind up outlandish? Is it too hard to ask for a brief description of the scent? I can't run to Sephora every five minutes, so give me a hint and tell me if a fragrance is fruity, woodsy or floral. The ad that got me going here was a 60-second video for Alien, the latest fragrance from Thierry Mugler.  We see a dark castle with a lone statue inside. When the sun begins to rise, the statue awakens as …
  • The Monster In The Closet Is Real
    States United to Prevent Gun Violence, a non-profit that aims to decrease the number of gun deaths, launched a haunting, animated, 90-second spot called "Monster in the Closet." A young boy is scared of the monster hiding in the hall closet. His loving parents tell him that monsters don't exist, but the young boy remains afraid. Then one day, the boy enters the closet and faces the monster head-on: a loaded gun in an locked box. He removes the gun, inspects it and it goes off, shooting the child. The boy's parents …
  • AllNurses.com Launches Social Network App For Nurses And Nursing Students
    Random iPhone App of the week: AllNurses.com, an online community and peer-to-peer networking site for nurses and nursing students, has created an iPhone and iPad app to keep its 790,000 members in the loop while on the go. The app allows nurses to find professional support and the latest nursing news. Offering the same tools as the social networking site, the app allows users to post and read message threads,  read/vote on polls and search for topics. Download the app here.
  • 'Awkward Family Viewing' Delights And Sells The Need To Use HBO GO
    HBO GO launched a series of videos for its "Awkward Family Viewing" campaign, which makes the argument for using HBO GO pretty much a no-brainer.
  • NEW! Thorpe Park Speaks Unique Language, Lives On Own Island
    Turkish Airlines' "Epic Pool Dunk" only took 22 takes. Sketchy skyscraper in FedEx ad. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Look Closely At The 'Skyscraper' In Latest FedEx Ad
    The latest FedEx ad, "Skyscraper," features a boss getting philosophical with an employee. The boss believes that a company becomes successful when they project success.
  • NEW! Turkish Airlines Makes 'Epic Pool Dunk' After 22 Attempts
    To highlight its sponsorship of the Euroleague Final Four, Turkish Airlines created an "Epic Pool Dunk" in response to a series of highly popular dunk videos online
  • NEW! Test Your Mother's Day Gift On Focus Group Of Moms At Intelligift
    Buying the ideal Mother's Day gift is easier said than done. So JWT has stepped in to create Intelligift, a website that allows users to test their Mother's Day gifts on a focus group of mothers to see how the gift is received. Intelligift evaluates each gift against five metrics: Likeability, Persuasion, Impact, Thoughtfulness and Originality. Participants receive an indexed score and specific feedback within each category that they can then use to make an informed gifting decision. To start the gift testing process, users first choose what type of mom focus …
  • NEW! Sherwin-Williams Debuts Coastal Cool Collection
    I had no idea what knolling was until I watched the latest ad for Sherwin-Williams and its Coastal Cool color collection. The term was coined in the 1980s for an art form, and it's used heavily in "Coastal Cool," where the brand showcases its color collections from HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams.
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