• Top Product, Retail Stores and Online Outlets In Brand Equity
    Harris Interactive recently released the 2004 edition of EquiTrend, a measurement and comparison tool for over 1,000 brands. The new results rank Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil as the number one brand in overall brand equity, followed closely by Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bars, Ziploc Food Bags and Heinz Ketchup.
  • Rockers Are Active, Have Three Cars and Money, and Consume Sports Drinks
    In studying lifestyle behaviors of consumers in the United States through 2003, Scarborough Research finds that rock concert attendees lead active lives and are in high income brackets and are more than twice as likely as all consumers to have gone snow skiing, in-line skating, or to have played tennis during the past year.
  • All You Get Is Music, Music, Music
    A deep look at the Music category online including sites, demographics, ad technologies, dimensions and delivery.
  • Declining Number of Adult Stock and Bond Traders Surprises Analyst
    The new data is included in The Media Audit survey produced by International Demographics shows that the percentage of adults in all 85 measured markets who traded stocks or bonds was 23.6 percent in 1998. That percentage climbed to 24.3 in 1999 and to 25.7 in 2000. From that pinnacle it fell to 23.1 in 2001, 2l.1 in 2002, and 18.2 in 2003.
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